Indian origin man charged for sexually assaulting private nurse hired to care for cancer-stricken wife

Indian national in Singapore Pillai Shyam Kumar Sadashivan was charged on Monday (August 28) for sexual assault on private nurse hired to care for his cancer-stricken wife. 

Sadashivan, who is the managing director of a firm based in Dubai, had come to Singapore on a long-term visit pass with his wife to seek medical help for her condition, said Todayonline in a report. 

The couple had hired the victim via nursing services provider MedXcess Healthcare to take care of Sadashivan’s wife from December 11 to 16 last year.

Normanton Park. Photo courtesy:
Normanton Park. Photo courtesy:

On the morning of December 14, the victim arrived at the couple's apartment at Normanton Park, but Sadashivan’s wife was asleep in her bedroom, with the door closed. Sadashivan invited her to the sofa in the living room, where they chatted, and he soon steered the conversation towards sexual matters.

He lamented to the victim that he had not had sex with his wife in recent months because of her illness. Claiming that “girls in Dubai provide extra services,” Sadashivan asked if it were the case here in Singapore as well. The victim replied that she was a professional nurse and that she “did not do such things.” Sadashivan got agitated when the victim declined his request to pull up her shirt, and used his right hand to grab her front collar and groped her with his other hand under her shirt, while she struggled to break free. He also stroked her thighs as he found them “sexy and smooth,” according to court documents. 

Photo courtesy: Wiki
Photo courtesy: Wiki

Feeling “outraged and shocked by the contact,” the victim did not have time to react as the acts happened very quickly. Sadashivan let go of her shortly after and instructed her to attend to his wife, but continued to make “lewd remarks (about her)," the report said. 

The victim returned to care for Sadashivan’s wife on the next day out of compassion for the patient. On the night of December 16, she made a police report, and Sadashivan was subsequently arrested.​

Sadashivan faces up to two years’ jail with fine and caning for molestation. For insulting the victim’s modesty, he could be jailed for a year and/or fined. He is expected to be sentenced on October 5. 

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