Indian man repatriated from UAE after lying in coma for two years

An Indian man lying in a coma for more than two years at an Abu Dhabi hospital following a road accident was repatriated to his home country. The move has come following a long-fought compensation case in which he was awarded an insurance amount of AED1.09 million. The Indian embassy and the patient’s relatives made sustained efforts to ensure the realisation of the insurance amount.

Chithiravel Udaiyar came to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in 2014 and worked as a wiring electrician assistant. In June 2015, he received severe injuries as the car he was travelling in overturned. He was admitted to Abu Dhabi hospital where he slipped into a coma.

An Indian man lying in a coma for two years at an Abu Dhabi hospital has returned back to his home country.
An Indian man lying in a coma for two years at an Abu Dhabi hospital has returned back to his home country. Photo courtesy: wnpr

Smart Energy Power Contracting, the employer of Udaiyar, supported him throughout the crisis by paying his salary. However, the insurance amount, which was a long-standing issue, was not being paid to the hapless worker. Here, Indian embassy officials stepped in and played a key role in getting the compensation.

Dinesh Kumar, first secretary for community affairs in Indian embassy, said to a Dubai-based newspaper, “We took up the matter with local authorities for his early repatriation and better treatment in India.”

He added, “The employer had filed a case against the insurance company. Finally, the insurance company had to pay a compensation of AED1.09 million to Udaiyar. He has already reached Tamil Nadu and has been admitted to Neuro Foundation Hospital in Selam.”

Meanwhile, Udaiyar's wife Parameswari and his four-year-old daughter are relieved to have Udaiyar back under their care. Parameswari thanked the company, embassy, hospital and social welfare groups for helping their family in distress.

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