Indian hits jackpot by winning USD1 million in Dubai Duty Free raffle

An Indian citizen has hit the jackpot as he won USD1 million in the latest Dubai Duty Free Millionaire draw conducted at the Dubai International Airport. A Japanese citizen also won the same amount in the draw.

The Indian national, Santosh Vijayan (50) won in Series 256 with ticket number 3826  the Dubai Duty Free Millionaire draw. He has been living in Dubai for the past 27 years and works as an operation manager in Abu Dhabi. He is the father of two children.

Dubai Duty Free Millionaire draw being conducted at Dubai International Airport.
Dubai Duty Free Millionaire draw being conducted at Dubai International Airport. Photo courtesy:

Expressing his joy, Vijayan said, “I'll be turning 51 on November 11 and winning USD1 million is the best early birthday gift anyone could ever wish for. Thank you Dubai Duty Free, you had made my day!”

Regarding his future plans after winning, he said, “My children's education is the top priority while I might look for some good investments too.”

Another winner is Japanese national, Yasunobu Yamada, a 47-year-old man from Fukuoka. He is the second Japanese to have won in Dubai Duty Free Millennium Millionaire promotion. Yamada, who works as a manager for JTB Kyushu, bought five tickets for Series 255 on his way to Germany for a business trip.

Exuding happiness, he said, “It was my second trip to Dubai and I couldn't be happier that my second visit has made me a millionaire! Thank you so much Dubai Duty Free for this wonderful news!”

Ashraf Jamal
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