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In Spotlight: Gentle giant of percussion Mohamed Noor

Mandolin, keyboards, clarinet, flute, guitar, saxophone… you name it, and chances are he plays it. Mohamed Noor, Singapore’s foremost percussionist also plays more than thirty percussion instruments from around the world. He has so many of them, that his house, he says, is like a warehouse.

Mohamed Noor has been performing at the Esplanade every year since it was inaugurated fifteen years ago. What has the journey been like? Which is his favorite instrument? What’s in store for fans on 19th November at Kalaa Utsavam when he performs at Esplanade this year? In Spotlight this week Connected to India spends some exclusive time with Mohamed Noor to get all the answers. You have a chance to join him on his show, Groove to My Rhythm, at the Esplanade Recital Studio on Nov 19, at 7:30pm.


Sunanda Verma
Sunanda Verma – Senior Writer

Sunanda is a writer-journalist. In a previous avatar she worked as a Prime Time and Special shows TV News Producer with Star News (now ABP), Zee News and TV Today Networks. She enjoys deciphering cultural codes across nationalities, age groups and gender. Sunanda celebrates inspiration, and her writings take such stories beyond geographical, cultural, social or religious boundaries.