In Pics: Showcasing multicultural dance forms in cosmopolitan Singapore

Rhythm - International Dance Festival brought together 10 exotic dance forms from across the world as part of Singapore’s Bicentennial celebration. 

It was “a showcase of cosmopolitan Singapore's rich multi-cultural tapestry with over 50 multi-ethnic artists who are all residents of this island nation,” said Festival Director, Anindita Ghosh. Two consecutive shows with an additional surprise element of a flash-mob were held on September 11 at Black Box, Goodman Arts Centre, Singapore.

Korean Pop, Arabian Bellydance, Brazilian Samba, Mexican Folk, Spanish Flamenco, Indian Classical Fusion, Thai Contemporary, Sri Lankan Kandyan, Chinese Classical and American Burlesque were all tied together through an interesting narrative thread.

Korean Musical 
A musical about a Korean ancient Taoist Wizard known as a demon slayer who can duplicate himself to defeat the evil goblins and protect the magic Flute.

​ Performed by the Korean Performing Arts Association: Jun Yoon Kyung, Kang Inya, Kwon Munjeong, Hong Ji Eun, Kim Myungju, Lee Hye Eun, Ahn Mi Young, Yimdoran, Jinyoung Jeoung, Hyesunchong, Lee Sung Lim (Picture: Gargi & Malini for Rhythm) 

El Huateque – A folk dance symbolising fun, partying, a fiesta!

Performed by: Lorena Maze & Héctor Eduardo Jiménez Pérez (Picture: Gargi & Malini for Rhythm) 

Sri Lankan Kandyan
The Kandyan dance is traditionally performed for kings at their courts.

Performed by: Nilmini with Devduni, Devni, Rohansa, Desmika, Methnidu, Devin, Thenuja, Sandeep, Lithika, Minupama, Praya (Picture: Connected to India)

Spanish Flamenco
Guajiras - a feminine and coquettish flamenco dance – that showcases beauty and grace with the Bata de cola (long tail dress) and manton de Manila (flamenco shawl). 

Flamenco Sin Fronteras performed by: Daphne Huang (Picture: Gargi & Malini for Rhythm) 

Indian Classical Fusion
Kathak Fusion performance set to retro music and the latest Bollywood hit tracks.

Performed by: Prerna Datta, Rajadhyax Preeti, Ruby Mathur, Kavitha Vaidyanathan (Picture: Gargi & Malini for Rhythm) 

Arabian Bellydance
Nestled in Arab Street is a dance school called Bellydance Extraordinaire, which practices Arabian and oriental dance in its purest forms.

Performed by: Jamila Wang, Annie Chin,Christina Li, Dorcas Tan, Jacquelyn Goh, Joanne Kee, Zhao Yue Er. (Picture: Gargi & Malini for Rhythm) 

Thai Contemporary Dance
The Thai contemporary fusion performance was inspired by the Thai timeless tale of Mani Mekhala - goddess of the ocean. Legend says she carried her crystal ball to lure the demon to throw the axe – causing thunder.

Performed by: Nadtayah Thai Variety Dance Group - Thawornsinsurakul Chollatorn, Natthaporn Leelavadeelerd, Juthamard Loke, Preechachan Jiraporn (Picture: Gargi & Malini for Rhythm)  

Chinese Classical Dance
A traditional Chinese Veil dance showcasing a story about a dancer who dreamt that she woke up in ancient China. 

 Performed by: Katherine Moordinaire (Picture: Connected to India)
Performed by: Katherine Moordinaire (Picture: Connected to India)


A lively, rhythmical dance of Afro-Brazilian origin

Performed by: Lorena Maze. (Picture: Gargi & Malini for Rhythm)

The Finale - A flashmob by all the dancers, the narrators and the organisers with the audience joining in as well! 

The flashmob by all artists. (Picture: Gargi & Malini for Rhythm)


Lakshmy Iyer
Lakshmy Iyer – Senior Correspondent, ASEAN & Entertainment

Lakshmy has been contributing regularly as a freelance writer since 2012. Her writing has been an amalgamation of the language, literature and rich cultural experiences of India as well as South East Asia. An Instructional Designer by profession she is passionate about lifelong learning. Art is her medium of reflection. She participates in art exhibitions thus contributing to the local art scene and using this platform, supports social causes in Singapore as well.