How their love rhymes: Javed Akhtar and Shabana Azmi

An evening of Javed Akhtar’s poetry and its translations by Shabana Azmi. Urdu poetry lovers in Singapore couldn't have asked for more.

The  husband-wife duo will be presenting Rhymes of love an evening of poetry and conversation on April 27 at the Singapore International Festival of Arts (SIFA).

In a telephone interview with Connected to India from Mumbai Shabana Azmi said, “I am very glad it’s part of SIFA. Indian poetry Hindi or Urdu has a special characteristic which is not shared by any poetry in the world – it is recited by heart. You don’t read out your poetry.”

Talking about NRI and diaspora’s connection with arts and culture Ms Azmi said, "Art and culture has an organic touch with people that can never go away. When you are in a nostalgic mood, poetry conjures up images that you automatically connect with.”

The highlight of the evening of course will be a poem called Shabana that Javed Akhtar has dedicated to his wife.

Rhymes of Love: An Evening of Poetry and Conversation with Javed Akhtar & Shabana Azmi will be held at Victoria Concert Hall on Apr 27 and 28, from 7.30pm onwards. Get your tickets here

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