Hearing Sushma Swaraj, networking, entrepreneurship, jobs; Indian students' list of things to do at PBD 2018

Students at the Singapore Institute of Management (SIM) are gearing up for the regional ASEAN-India Pravasi Bharatiya Divas (PBD) 2018.

"It'll be focused on the centrality of Singapore and talents of the Indian diaspora in ASEAN as well as Singapore," Aman Kumar Choudhary, a Business Management student at SIM, said. "As an Indian studying in Singapore, this is a great opportunity for us," he added.

Moderated by Ketki Acharya student of business admintration and psychology  at SIM university , the PBD discussion features the opinion of five students highlighting the impact of the event and their perspective on India-ASEAN relations. The full discussion can be found below:


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