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GST vouchers, Medisave top-ups to be given to 1.6 million Singaporean citizens

About 1.6 million Singaporean citizens will receive notifications about their 2018 Goods and Services (GST) Vouchers and Medisave top-ups by July 6, announced the Ministry of Finance (MOF) today. This has been done to extend help to the lower-income groups of Singaporeans.

In addition to this, help will also be given to adult citizens who qualify for the one-off SG Bonus of up to SGD300 as announced in the Budget 2018. They will be notified about their SG Bonus benefits by October.

GST Vouchers, Medisave top-ups and U-Save rebates are being given to low-income Singaporean citizens. Photo courtesy: Wikimedia
GST Vouchers, Medisave top-ups and U-Save rebates are being given to low-income Singaporean citizens. Photo courtesy: Wikimedia

The lower-income Singaporeans will each receive up to SGD600 in cash benefits this year, comprising SGD300 in GST Voucher to be paid out into their bank accounts on August 1, and SGD300 in SG Bonus to be paid out by the end of year.

In addition to this, Singaporeans will also receive top-ups to their Medisave as well as U-Save rebates under the GST Voucher scheme.

This year, home-owners of a three-room flat can expect to receive a total U-Save rebate of SGD350 per household this year.

Eligible Housing and Development Board (HDB) households will also receive an additional rebate of SGD20 a year from 2019 to 2021 as announced in Budget 2018.

The purpose of these quarterly rebates is for helping lower- and middle-income families to offset their utilities bills.

Under the GST voucher scheme, about 485,000 Singaporeans aged 65 years and above will receive up to SGD450 in Medisave top-ups in August. Further, citizens who are aged 59 and above, who do not receive Pioneer Generation benefits, will also receive a Medisave top-up of up to SGD200 between this year and the next.

However, pioneers, on the other hand, will receive Medisave top-ups of between SGD200 and SGD800 in July.Eligible citizens will automatically receive the payouts if they have signed up for the GST Vouchers or other Government schemes.

The Ministry of Finance has said that those who have not done so can sign up either online or via hard-copy forms available at community centres by December 31 this year.

Recipients who have updated their mobile numbers on SingPass will receive SMS notifications about the benefits they are entitled to, while other recipients will receive letter notifications.

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