GIIS students shine in IBDP 2019 exams

Photo courtesy: GIIS
Photo courtesy: GIIS

The Global Indian International School (GIIS) has reported an outstanding performance by its graduating cohort in the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) 2019. 

While other IB schools in Singapore scored an average ranging from 31.3 to 36.7 points, GIIS led the way with 37 points.

GIIS student Ananya Joshi, who scored 44/45 in her IBDP. Photo courtesy: GIIS
GIIS student Ananya Joshi, who scored 44/45 in her IBDP. Photo courtesy: GIIS

29 percent of its students scored 40 grade points and above, and 71 percent scored 35 grade points and above. This marks a commendable performance by the cohort.

In the results announced on July 5, GIIS’ Raksha Aiyappan topped the 2019 cohort with a perfect score of 45.

“We are happy that our students have done well and most of them will make their way to the top universities in the world,” said Melissa Maria, GIIS SMART Campus Principal. “My heartiest congratulations to all the students, and to the teachers whose support led to this commendable performance. I thank all the parents for their constant support.”

IBDP is a rigorous programme that requires teachers to adopt a distinctive approach and go beyond the classroom to help students reach their fullest potential. At GIIS, the dedicated team of IB teachers strive to provide the right guidance to students to help them successfully complete every component of the curriculum.

From strength to strength

GIIS student Devika Menon, who scored 44/45 in her IBDP. Photo courtesy: GIIS
GIIS student Devika Menon, who scored 44/45 in her IBDP. Photo courtesy: GIIS

Ever since GIIS started offering IBDP in 2007, the school has charted an exponential growth in IB results over the years. Having produced 14 world toppers with a perfect score of 45, GIIS’ IBDP is increasingly becoming the preferred choice for a high school diploma that prepares students for the rapidly globalising world.

“The IB Programme at GIIS empowers students to achieve the best in all the components of the assessment – whether it’s the academics, theory of knowledge or creativity, activity, service (CAS),” Ms Melissa said.

GIIS attributes their IBDP performance to the state-of-the-art facilities at the SMART Campus. Mr Atul Temurnikar, Chairman of the school, said, “We have designed the 21st-century campus with NextGen learning facilities, such as learning commons and digitally connected spaces that provide a conducive atmosphere for the students to collaborate, brainstorm and develop critical thinking skills. The student-centric facilities offer an edge to the IBDP students.”

GIIS student Raksha Aiyappan, who scored 44/45 in her IBDP. Photo courtesy: GIIS
GIIS student Raksha Aiyappan, who scored 44/45 in her IBDP. Photo courtesy: GIIS

The school follows an educational pedagogy that aims to develop students into global citizens and well-rounded individuals.

IB Diploma students of GIIS have found places in the top universities of the world, including London School of Economics, Georgia Tech University, University of California – Berkley, Imperial College London, National University of Singapore, Nanyang Technological University, and more.

The school’s Career Counsellor, Ms Seema Kaushik, says, “IBDP students of GIIS are greatly sought after by international universities as they possess a well-rounded personality, great communication skills and confidence to face 21st-century challenges. Apart from this, our students have a strong aptitude for subjects like Math and Science, which gives them an edge while being selected in various courses at the top universities of the world.”

The school has recorded a podcast where the school’s IBDP coordinator, Ms Deepa Chandrasekharan, offers useful insight on mastering the rigorous curriculum. Listen to the podcast by click here.

Watch Durga R.M. Talagadadivi, 2018 IB topper at GIIS, talk about how she overcame challenges with the help of her teachers and finally emerged triumphant in the final exams.

Click here to read more about the IB Programme at GIIS.

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