For these women stars on their shoulders are better than millions in the sky

If you want something said, ask a man, if you want something done ask a woman, said Margaret Thatcher.

Photo courtesy: Indian Army FB Page
Photo courtesy: Indian Army FB Page

Every individual holds certain capabilities, which should not be gender specific.

As an ex-National Defence Academy (NDA) graduate and having commanded my Artillery Regiment in Leh/ Ladakh, I am firmly convinced that these recent changes (Indian Army clearing 108 vacancies across independent units for women officers) are happening for betterment.

It is a great platform being provided to women to rub shoulders with their male counterparts in the Forces. I do not think of it as 'Women Empowerment' because I firmly believe that any woman in Armed Forces is already empowered.

Seeing the women in my family, neighborhood, and in-service life, I believe that women encourage participation and power/information sharing as they had learned it from their childhood, but can be ruthless when the situation demands.

Stories of Rani Laxmibai and Ahlyabai we all had heard from our childhood. Society is evolving and women are breaking shackles in all fields. So why not in the Armed Forces? Yes, commanding and serving in inhospitable terrain may be tough for women due to biological reasons but not impossible.

It's wonderful to see mindset changing. For these women stars on their shoulders are better than millions in the sky.

Colonel Rana and Gp Capt Dhami have opened the doors for others to follow them and  Command troops with pride in far-flung isolated, inhospitable weather and terrain. These initiatives by the people in power are encouraging and will undoubtedly motivate girls from their school days to dream of donning uniform for safeguarding our country.

I sum it ...GIRL'S SHOULDN'T SPEAK said he....ENTIRE BATTALION WAITING FOR COLONEL RANA's COMMAND answered him silently.....

JAI HIND...Brigadier Satyesh Bhaduri ( Retired)

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Brigadier Satyesh Bhaduri
Brigadier Satyesh Bhaduri – Contributor

Brigadier Satyesh Nath Bhaduri (Retd), a third-generation Army officer and author of ‘A Jolly Good Fellow's Olive Green Nostalgia’, a series of anecdotes chronicling his life and experiences during the course of his illustrious military career.


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