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Five things to do over the weekend of Oct 19-21

Have you done your Diwali shopping yet? If not, head to Campbell Lane's Deepavali Festival Village and be spoilt for choice! 

Esplanade is also hosting a slew of interesting dance performances as part of da:ns Festival 2018 – including a Javanese version of the Hindu epic, the Mahabharata. 

Check out the details here: 

1. Bharatanatyam

Photo courtesy: Esplanade
Photo courtesy: Esplanade

This bharatanatyam presentation opens with the Alarippu (meaning “flowering bud”), an invocation piece that symbolises the offering of respect to God, the guru or teacher, and the audience. 

Following that are two descriptive dance pieces on nature: Mayura Nrittam is a dance piece which describes the beauty of peacocks and their interaction with nature. The other, Keerthanam, is an original composition about Mother Nature and how mankind treats her.

Ending the presentation will be a traditional Thillana (climax), a purely rhythmic dance performed at the end of a bharatanatyam recital.

When: Oct 19-21
Where: Esplanade Concourse
Entry: Free

2. Bharatayuddha in Motion

Photo courtesy: Esplanade
Photo courtesy: Rama Kusuma

The Bharatayuddha is the Javanese version of the Hindu epic, the Mahabharata. Like the Ramayana, the Mahabharata plays a significant role in the cultures of India and Southeast Asia.

This retelling of Bharatayuddha will be performed using Javanese movements and music. Exploring different episodes from the epic where anarchy and order clash, the Javanese traditional dance featured here is infused with tembang, a form of Javanese poetry. The lines of the story are sung by the dancers, accompanied by the gamelan ensemble.

When: Oct 19-21
Where: Esplanade Outdoor Theatre
Entry: Free

3. Singapore Wine Fiesta 2018

Photo courtesy: Singapore Wine Fiesta 2018
Photo courtesy: Singapore Wine Fiesta 2018

This year, Singapore Wine Fiesta goes indoors!

Explore wines in a new way – you'll be able to taste a variety of wines in different styles, arranged by Light, Medium and Full-bodied wines. Compare a full bodied Barossa Shiraz next to it's full bodied kindred from other regions. Love light Italian Pinot Grigios? You'll be only a step away from similar styles.

Expert-led classes will add in-depth knowledge, and of course our host of winemakers will be there to share their wines, their passion and their stories.

When: Oct 19-21
Where: Esplanade Concourse
Entry: From SGD49

4. Women in Photography

Photo courtesy: Karen Miranda Rivadeneira
Photo courtesy: Karen Miranda Rivadeneira

Collective movements like #MeToo and #TimesUp have been gaining momentum in the past year. In line with that, the fourth edition of Objectifs’ Women in Film and Photography turns its spotlight to photographers and filmmakers who seek to empower and effect change within and across communities through their work.

The photographers examine issues ranging from the impact of the ethnic cleansing campaign against the Rohingyas in Myanmar, to the role of literacy in the enrichment of Arab women’s lives, and the objectification of women and the body. Their intimate yet powerful stories about specific communities deal with critical issues such politics, gender, sexuality, cultural identity and oppression.

Through these images, these photographers make bold statements about the societies in which they live and work. 

When: Oct 19-21
Where: Chapel Gallery, Objectifs
Entry: Free

5. Deepavali Festival Village

Photo courtesy: LiSHA
Photo courtesy: LiSHA

Ignite your five senses by visiting the Deepavali Festival Village from September 29 to November 6.

A huge variety of Indian Ethnic wear, Intricate costumes, Jewelleries, wood carvings, ornamental decorations, greeting cards, traditional sweet delicacies, festive cookies, henna art and music. Come over to Campbell Lane and Hastings road with your family and friends.

When: Oct 19-21
Where: Campbell Lane
Entry: Free

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