Five things to do over the weekend of Jan 25-27

This weekend is all about stories, traditions, and the lesser known sides of history.

Head to ARTWALK 2019 and listen to Singapore's most mesmerising storyteller Kamini Ramachandran breathe life into the forgotten tales of Little India, or catch the play 'precise purpose of being broken' adapted from a collage of texts by Cultural Medallion recipient Haresh Sharma. 

Alternatively, experience psychologist Arthur Aron's 36 questions through dance – questions that were said to make people fall in love with each other. 

1. Flowers of the night: Kamini Ramachandran

Photo courtesy: ARTWALK 2019
Photo courtesy: ARTWALK 2019

What did men and women trade along these old spaces and worn paths? There are whispers of what might have been along these alleys and buildings. Indian mythology is rife with tales of rebirth, gender fluidity and karma. Flowers of the Night invites listeners to a sensory storytelling experience by Kamini Ramachandran.  Surrender to the fragrance that lingers in memories.

When: Jan 25-26
Where: UltraSuperNew Gallery
Entry: Free

2. precise purpose of being broken

Photo courtesy: Tuckys Photography
Photo courtesy: Tuckys Photography

precise purpose of being broken is adapted from a collage of texts by playwright and Cultural Medallion recipient Haresh Sharma.

Each of these texts floats in a particular and specific universe: open, disembodied, yet inexplicably connected. This multi-lingual work features characters that are as broken as they are illuminated, and as doomed as they are hopeful. They revisit faded landscapes of their collective memory, pass through familiar spaces both comforting and contentious, and lose their footing on grounds that seem to provide potent signs of recognition.

When: Jan 25-26
Where: Esplanade Annexe Studio
Entry: SGD27

3. Art After Dark x Singapore Art Week 2019

Photo courtesy: Gillman Barracks
Photo courtesy: Gillman Barracks

Art After Dark is the flagship night-time open house event by Gillman Barracks – a heady combination of stimulating visual art by over 90 artists, and electrifying live music by Intriguant, Vandetta, MAS1A and Metzdub.

Look forward to the debut of S.E.A Focus by STPI - Creative Workshop & Gallery, as well as new exhibitions and exciting programmes by resident galleries and the NTU Centre for Contemporary Art Singapore. Grab a bite at a pop-up store or kickback at one of the many eateries within Singapore’s very own visual arts precinct.

When: Jan 25 
Where: Gillman Barracks
Entry: Free

4. Resonates With: Open Score Project

Photo courtesy: National Gallery Singapore
Photo courtesy: National Gallery Singapore

In conjunction with National Gallery Singapore's Light to Night Festival and its theme “Traces and Echoes”, Open Score Project invites you to experience four cultural pieces in two different lights.

Listen to stories by the Monggolian morin khoor, Chinese pipa, Malay accordion and the North Indian bansuri and tabla, performed first in its conventional form. Echoes resound, and traces are rediscovered when these pieces are then reinvented in a new light, through the unique amalgamation of all the instruments.

When: Jan 26
Where: National Gallery Singapore
Entry: Free

5. Q&A (the 36 questions)

Photo courtesy: Dan Ben Ari
Photo courtesy: Dan Ben Ari

In 1977, psychologist Arthur Aron, together with a group of research colleagues, published the article The Experimental Generation of Interpersonal Closeness. Aron had assembled a series of 36 questions that pairs of strangers would ask each other, with questions that are initially dispassionate and playful, culminating with intimate ones.

His belief is that by placing strangers in positions of vulnerability and openness, this exercise fosters openness to another person, leading to them falling in love.

Four dancers, 36 questions. Experience this special journey that reveals personalities, lives and memories.

When: Jan 25-26
Where: Esplanade Theatre Studio
Entry: SGD27 

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