Eminent macroeconomist Jeffrey Frankel appointed MAS Term Professor at NUS

The National University of Singapore (NUS) and the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) have jointly appointed Professor Jeffrey Frankel as the MAS Term Professor in Economics and Finance from 22 to 25 May 2017.

Prof Frankel will be hosted by the NUS Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences’ (FASS) Department of Economics and the Economic Policy Group at the MAS during the term of the Professorship.

Photo courtesy: germanamericanconference.org
Photo courtesy: germanamericanconference.org

Prof Jeffrey Frankel is the James W. Harpel Professor of Capital Formation and Growth at Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government. He directs the Program in International Finance and Macroeconomics at the National Bureau of Economic Research, where he is also on the Business Cycle Dating Committee, which officially declares US recessions. He previously served at the Council of Economic Advisers in 1983–84 and again in 1996–99 under the Clinton Administration, where his responsibilities included advising on international economics, macroeconomics, and the environment.

Prof Frankel’s research interests include monetary and fiscal policy, international finance, currencies, crises, commodities, international trade, and global environmental issues. 

“We are very honoured to have the esteemed Prof Jeffrey Frankel join us at NUS and the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. A respected figure and one of the most cited leaders in the field of capital formation and growth, Prof Frankel’s invaluable insights from his many high-level consultative experience and research will benefit our community tremendously and contribute to deeper understanding and greater appreciation of global economics." said Professor Robbie Goh, Dean, NUS Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences.

Photo courtesy: NUS
Photo courtesy: NUS

“Professor Jeffrey Frankel is one of the world’s leading researchers on international economics and finance. His work spanning the last few decades has rigorously examined the workings of different exchange rate regimes, the theoretical underpinnings of exchange rate valuation, and the fundamental drivers of market currency movements. In addition, he has been highly attentive to the policy implications of his seminal research in these areas," said Edward Robinson, Assistant Managing Director (Economic Policy) and Chief Economist at MAS said.

Prof Frankel will present a research seminar on Fiscal Pro-cyclicality and Over-optimism in Official Forecasts on 22 May 2017. He will also deliver a public lecture on China in the World Economy on 25 May 2017. In addition, Prof Frankel will hold dialogue sessions with NUS faculty members to discuss his latest research findings and advise PhD students on their research.

At MAS, Prof Frankel will engage senior policymakers and economists on macroeconomic and exchange rate issues. He will also participate in the Asian Monetary Policy Forum on 26 May 2017, where he will present his paper on Systematic Managed Floating. 

Kareyst Lin
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