Drones start monitoring Dubai traffic

In its quest to be a pioneer in all modern things, Dubai has started deployment of drones to monitor traffic on its roads.

Brigadier Dr Khaled Al Marri, Deputy Director of the General Operations for Communications, said, “The drones will detect congestion during peak times, patrol and make follow-up to ensure that traffic jam reduces.”

Dubai has started deploying drones to monitor traffic on its roads.
Dubai has started deploying drones to monitor traffic on its roads. Photo courtesy: Dubai Police

He added, “The drones are capable of flying and detecting large areas of the emirate, which contributes to providing maximum security, stability and smooth traffic on Dubai roads.”

There are distinct advantages of using drones as there will be fast flow of information to alert the public about traffic incidents such as speeding - through radio or social media. They can also be a vital help in rescue operations during accidents.

Brigadier Al Marri said that in the event of any traffic jam or accidents, the drones can transfer traffic reports directly to the command and control room.

He added, “Actually, the drones are capable of helping in rescue and a lot more of activities such as during disaster.”

Through a Facebook post, Dubai Police said, “Dubai Police have started using drones to capture live broadcast recordings of traffic and major events in the emirate that is relayed to the operations room.”

There was an exclusive exhibition of drones in Dubai named ‘Unmanned Aerial System Forum’ (UASF) in which drone manufacturers, operators and users participated in large numbers. During the event, speakers highlighted the efficiency of drones asserting that they could reach “where humans would take longer to reach.”

There was also a five-armed camera drone that can be sent to check on a given situation in thick motor traffic and relay feedback. This drone has been named ‘Eagle Eye’.

Ashraf Jamal
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