Dream Catchers’ pre-event “Meet & Greet”

Singapore-based startup, Dream Catchers, organised its first pre-event ‘Meet & Greet’ at Fort Canning as a build up to their main event, ‘Runway Mom & Runway Lovers’.

pre-event ‘Meet & Greet’ at Fort Canning
Participants during the pre-event ‘Meet & Greet’ at Fort Canning. Photo courtesy: Dream Catchers

The event was attended by around 60 people, which included 45 participants. ‘Meet & Greet’ is one of the seven pre-event activities being organised.  

An online platform, which showcases performing artists and promotes their discovery, Dream Catchers will be bringing the third edition of ‘Runway Mom & Runway Lovers’ on March 11.

Indian Singaporean Shalima Motial, the founder and CEO of Dream Catchers, said, “It is meant to be a fun, fashion-walk for women with their loved ones could be their partner and/or their kids. The event will be followed by a concert by local musicians.”

Indian Singaporean Shalima Motial, the founder and CEO of Dream Catchers
Shalima Motial - the founder and CEO of Dream Catchers. Photo courtesy: Shalima Motial

“In past two events in 2016, over 200 participants walked the ramp with over 600 people in attendance. The social media outreach for the show was around 36,000,” added Shalima.

“The pre-event turned out to be a wonderful evening where the models shared connections with each other, along with the guests and sponsors,” said Shalima.

While hosting the event, Shalima shared the upcoming pre-events leading up to the final event, which include Chalk Talk for RampWalk (9th Feb), Vyasa Yoga/Zumba (15th Feb), Photo Shoot-Outdoor (26th Feb), Party (1st March), Show us your dress (4th March) and Choreography (9th March).

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