Counter-terrorism exercise to be conducted at Changi Airport Terminal 3

To check the preparedness and coordination of the concerned agencies in case of a terrorist attack, a multi-agency counter-terrorism exercise will be conducted at Changi Airport Terminal 3 on October 17 between 1 and 3am.

In a press release, Singapore Police said blanks and pyrotechnics will be used at various locations of the terminal during the exercise and people need not be alarmed.

Various agencies will participate in the exercise including Singapore Police Force, Changi Airport Group, Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore, Singapore Armed Forces, Singapore Civil Defence Force, and the Ministry of Health.

Changi Airport
Counter-terrorism exercise will be conducted at Changi Airport Terminal 3 on October 17 between 1 and 3am. Photo: Connected to India

Singapore Police said, “This exercise is part of ongoing SPF-led efforts to test and validate a multi-agency response to possible terror attacks in Singapore.”

It added, “The exercise also allows the Singapore Police Force (SPF) to enhance coordination with partner agencies and stakeholders in the aviation sector. While SPF and agencies work closely to prevent, deter and respond to any terror attacks, continued vigilance and preparedness on the part of the community is important as they also play a key part in the response to such attacks.”

For guidance of the people, ‘Exercise-In-Progress’ signage will be placed prominently at exercise venues throughout the exercise. Cordons will be set up within the exercise venues. Announcements will also be made through the terminal’s public address system prior to the start of the exercise. 

Members of the public may call the Police Hotline at 1800-255-0000 if they have further queries.

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