Beautiful Momdels lit up the Pavillion with their glowing smiles

Held on March 11, 2017, Runway Mom Runway Lovers was a spellbound event with breathtaking Models parading down the ramp with their loved ones. It was followed by an open mic event that saw wonderful musical talents serenading the audience.

Photo courtesy: Runway Mom Runway Lover
Photo courtesy: Runway Mom Runway Lover

The Momdels (Mom models) lit the Pavilion up with the glow of their inner and outer beauty. Founder and CEO of Dream Catchers Shalima Motial felt this was the most gratifying experience, as all models were thrilled to be a part of this journey.

Photo courtesy: Runway Mom Runway Lover
Photo courtesy: Runway Mom Runway Lover

It was also a dream come true for many of them, as it was the first time they are doing a catwalk. The lovely Momdels sashayed gracefully down the ramp in gowns and saris with shimmering jewelry sponsored by Arko and Utopia, with stylish clutches by Treasure Trove to complete the ensemble.

But what won the audiences’ hearts was the gleaming smile each model wore from ear to ear. The opening act to the rampwalk was a lively performance from Aiyaz’s Dance Academy.

After the rampwalk was the Runway Open Mic event, in which many talent houses took to the stage, with musical numbers from yesterday to yesteryears. From Sia’s Cheap Thrills to Ye mera dil pyaar ka diwaana to a three song drama medley framed with the Anarkali-Salim love story - the Runway open mic had it all. The spotlights and music held hands with the audience’s rocking energy to produce an amazing closing to the event.

Photo courtesy: Runway Mom Runway Lover
Photo courtesy: Runway Mom Runway Lover

In the seven pre-events to The Runway Mom Runway on March 11, the momdels formed lifelong friendships, while others revived long lost ones. There was also a make-up workshop by Gayathri Menon, a talk on “How to build the emotional muscle” by psychologist Saima Salman, as well as a baker who came on board to share her recipes for wholegrain-wholehearted muffins, in addition to many other fun escapades.

Kareyst Lin
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