Andhra Pradesh farmers learn intricacies of urban planning in Singapore

About 34 farmers from the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh are currently touring Singapore to learn about the intricacies of urban planning. They have given their lands for the development of the new capital Amravati.

Indian farmers from Andhra Pradesh being given grand welcome at Singapore.
Indian farmers from Andhra Pradesh being given grand welcome at Singapore. Photo courtesy: Facebook

Welcoming the farmers to Singapore, Eric Tan, Director of Amravati Partnership Office in the Ministry of Trade and Industry, said, “The visits by Andhra Pradesh farmers to Singapore affirms the very good progress of our collaboration to date. The farmers will be able to see how we integrate our residential, commercial and community spaces.”

He added, “They will also gain a better appreciation of how, despite rapid urbanisation, we have managed to preserve heritage buildings, green spaces and waterways and how these have enhanced our overall living environment.”

Indian farmers from Andhra Pradesh visiting Singapore city gallery.
Indian farmers from Andhra Pradesh visiting Singapore city gallery. Photo courtesy: Facebook

Earlier, the farmers were accorded grand welcome in Singapore. On the first day of tour, they visited the Singapore city gallery. Local officials explained the development of Singapore to the farmers at the gallery.

On the second day, the farmers visited Bishan Park and various housing projects including HDB estates, HDB hubs.  Officials from the Ministry of Trade and Industry and Centre for Liveable Cities, Ministry of National Development explained the details of the Serangon gardens and Sengkang housing projects to the farmers. They were also taken to shopping malls and cultural streets of Singapore.

Notably, Singapore and Andhra Pradesh signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in May 2017 to collaborate in three key areas. First, to provide support for the work of the master-developer of Amaravati. Second, to promote economic development through the identification of commercial opportunities for Singapore companies in Amaravati and Andhra Pradesh.

The third point of collaboration pertained to sharing of institutional expertise in areas such as urban governance and education.  

The farmers visiting HDB housing projects in Singapore.
The farmers visiting HDB housing projects in Singapore. Photo courtesy: Facebook

As a follow-up to the MoU, the Government of Andhra Pradesh initiated visits for the farmers of Andhra Pradesh who contributed land for Amaravati’s development, to Singapore.

The visits allows the farmers to view how residential and commercial property is developed in Singapore and give them greater insight into how the country integrates its services in areas such as transport, recreation, markets, clinics and other essential services.  

The current visit of farmers is the second in a series of four visits for 123 farmers from Andhra Pradesh. The visits are being held between October 2017 and February 2018.  

Ashraf Jamal
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