5 Fun Things to Do While Social Distancing During Covid-19

Even as lockdown end and circuit breakers lift, life is not going back to normal anytime soon. In order to stay safe from the pandemic that continues to wreak havoc, preventive measures such as wearing masks and following social distancing norms are the best way to stay away from the Covid19 virus

social distancing during covid 19 coronavirus
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As we learn to live in the new normal and stay away from entertainment venues, malls, and bars we look at new ways of having fun while maintaining distance from each other. So, here are 5 fun things you can do while social distancing!

Take Virtual Tours

The world is a huge place with a countless number of wonderful places to see and experience. Virtual tours might not be able to replace the experience of traveling and visiting new places, they still offer a glimpse into the most beautiful places on this planet.

Spending some time taking some of the best virtual tours in the world can not only placate your inner urge to travel but also inspire you to plan the most epic trip of your life once things get back to normal!

Take Online Classes

It can be weird thinking of online classes being fun, especially now that all educational institutes are essentially switching to them but the fact is there’s an online class for almost any skill you can think of!

Online classes with video conferencing
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Do you want to learn how to moonwalk? Or how to tell better stories? Or how to get better at drawing and sketching animals? Take an online class and develop yourself while maintaining a healthy social distance from people!

Play Online Games

Online gaming companies saw a 24% growth in traffic during the lockdown in India. It is only natural to want to blow off a little steam during these trying times with fun online games. Even though you might not be able to hang out with your friends in real life as you did before due to social distancing norms, you can still stay in touch and be close to them.

Not only are there awesome online games such as Ludo King, PugG, Call of Duty, or Fortnite that you can play with your friends, but online casinos also have a lot of excitement and fun to offer if you’re feeling adventurous and lucky!

Binge-Watch An Entire Series

With Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Disney+ Hotstar, the online streaming entertainment market has more content than you could watch in an entire lifetime. When you think about it, there’s no better time to binge-watch an entire series than now!

There are also a lot of great Indian original series on Netflix and Amazon Prime including Sacred Games, Made in Heaven, and Delhi Crime if you’re looking for something that’s close to home!

Learn a New Language

Lastly, learning a new language is a fun way to explore a new culture and expand your horizons. Additionally, learning new languages such as Malay can also help when it comes to migration to Singapore and work opportunities in Singapore.

A number of tools such as Duolingo make it really easy to learn new languages without the need for an experienced teacher or curriculum. Since the process of learning is gamified, you feel a real sense of progress as you keep learning which makes the process really fun and rewarding.


Staying engaged and having fun keeps you healthy

For some people, social distancing might be easier than others. However, the effects of not being able to stay in touch with friends and family definitely have an effect on everyone’s mental psyche. 

As we make our way back into normality, it is important to stay engaged and have fun to keep yourself healthy mentally and physically. We hope these 5 things were just some of the many that keep you engaged during these tough times!

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Mital Rana
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