3,000 jobs expected to be created in precision engineering by 2020: Koh Poh Koon

New job opportunities will be created in precision engineering industry as it focusses on innovation, observed Dr Koh Poh Moon, Minister of State for the Ministry of National Development and Ministry of Trade and Industry during the grand opening of precision engineering firm ASM Pacific Technology second building and new innovation centre at Yishun Industrial Park.

New job opportunities will be created in precision engineering industry. Photo courtesy: gov.sg

He said, “The precision engineering (PE) Industry supports production of complex equipment and highly precision engineered components required in industries ranging from electronics and aerospace, to oil & gas and medical technology. Singapore has also established leadership positions in areas such as precision semiconductor equipment through close partnerships with industry leaders, including ASMPT.”

The minister further said, “An additional 3,000 jobs are expected to be created in the precision engineering Industry by 2020. These jobs will be created at the level of professionals, managers, executives and technicians. Existing jobs will also be upgraded into higher-skilled roles.”

Dr Koh Poh Moon, Minister of State for the Ministry of National Development of Singapore. Photo courtesy: gov.sg

Some examples of new job roles include integration engineers, who implement digitisation on the shopfloor, integrating equipment, software and systems across the manufacturing value chain; as well as development engineers, who develop and manage algorithms, software and production systems, to translate digital and computing capabilities into real world solutions.

He also added, “A key thrust of the PE is to support the training and skills upgrading of our workforce, so that they can take advantage of these new job opportunities. For example, the Government has introduced the Precision Engineering Skills Framework.  This framework maps out the career pathways for 13 occupations within the PE industry, and identifies the key skills and competencies required for the various job roles.  At the economy level, the SkillsFuture initiative plays an important role in helping Singaporeans deepen their skills to stay apace with industry transformation.  

ASM employs over 1,400 workers in Singapore.

Ashraf Jamal
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