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Indian-origin doctor among ‘Top Doctors in 2016’ by Pasadena Magazine

Dr Vasanti Voleti, an Indian-American paediatrician has been named among the ‘Top Doctors in 2016’ by Pasadena Magazine, announced...

Indian-origin surgeon keeps woman alive without organs for 6 days

In a path-breaking surgery of sorts, an Indian-origin surgeon in Canada has given a new lease of life to a young mother.

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Indian-American teenager discovers cost-effective way to make saltwater drinkable

Chaitanya Karamchedu, an Indian-American student from Portland, Oregon, has caught the attention of major technology firms and universities...

Obesity could lead to infertility in couples

As per researchers, couples in which both the partners are obese may take time to achieve pregnancy as compared to the non-obese...

Fast food can do more harm than you can think: Bloomberg

Think twice, the next time you go hogging on burgers and French fries. As per the latest study, fast-food containers that keep cooking...

Is too much screen time ruining your children’s health?

There is substantial research showing how too much screen time and internet use in children is linked to obesity, sleep disorders, anxiety,...

Cancer surgery by Indian-origin doctor to air on UK TV

A surgery performed by an Indian-origin doctor will be aired live on UK TV channel for the first time. This is to highlight the positive...

Singaporeans not getting enough sleep: SingHealth Polyclinics study

As per a study by SingHealth Polyclinics, more than 40 percent of Singaporeans do not get enough sleep on weekdays.


Singapore is Asia’s second most vegan-friendly city: Peta

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (Peta) Asia has listed Singapore as Asia’s second most vegan-friendly city for its lively...


More than 400,000 people in Singapore have diabetes

Singapore is known as a fitness freak country as people pay special attention to their health and go for regular work-out. But behind this...

HSA warns public not to buy weight loss supplements online

Do you buy weight loss supplements online? The latest findings by The Health Sciences Authority in Singapore will make you think twice...


Watch your calories to lead a flourishing life

Knowing the calorie content of foods can be a useful tool when it comes to achieving or maintaining a healthy weight. It can help us to keep...


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