Teenage cricketer, Ansh inspired by Virat Kohli & Brett Lee

A student of UWCSEA East, Ansh Bhargava, 16 years, aspires to be in the Singapore national cricket team. He says, “Playing for the senior team would absolutely be great opportunity for me. At present my focus is on performing for the U-19 Singapore team in the upcoming Asia Cup and the Div1 qualifiers.”

Ansh Bhargava yearns to have the firing power of bowling greats Brett Lee and Mitchell Johnson coupled with the discipline and dominance of Virat Kohli.Photo courtesy:ICC

He yearns to have the firing power of bowling greats Brett Lee and Mitchell Johnson coupled with the discipline and dominance of Virat Kohli. His naming of the players he wants to follow is a clear sign of the change of the old guard. Odds would have been in favour of kids Ansh’s age picking “Sachin and McGrath" two years back. Perhaps?

On being asked about the international cricketers from whom he draws inspiration, the young cricketer replied, “As a fast bowler, I take inspiration from bowling greats Brett Lee and Mitchell Johnson at their peak.” Both terrorised batting line-ups across the world.Ansh finds huge inspiration in Indian Test captain Virat Kohli. He says “As an overall cricketer and sportsman, the contemporary player I most look up to is Virat Kohli, especially due to his dominance and mastery through his performances.” He loves Virat for his discipline, dare, tough and fierce talent which, has catapulted him to become one of the best player in all forms of the game. Virat has a firm-bottom hand grip and the ability to smash balls landing on a particular area to any part of the ground at will. He has also bounced back once again as he has quit drinking, late night parties and follows a vigorous work-out to keep himself fit and sporty.

Ansh Bhargava in bowling action on the field. Photo courtesy: Ansh Bhargava

Talking about his training programme, Ansh says, “As a team, we aim to have cricket training sessions at least four times a week, especially given the proximity of the upcoming Asia Cup, but due to weather constraints as well as a reduction in the quality of facilities faced by Singapore cricket (by losing our national training ground), this is often not feasible. However, to remain ready for competition I keep fit by going to the gym regularly.” 

He also tells that the level of competition has also increased. He says, “We are now competing with Test playing nations such as India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh, as well as Div1 teams like Afghanistan and Nepal.”

Ashraf Jamal
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