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US: USD 1.5 million ancient Buddha statue stolen from Los Angeles art gallery in a daring heist

Old Japanese Buddha statue stolen from art gallery in the US


Ukraine-Russia Conflict: US agrees to send long-range missiles to Kyiv

US President Joe Biden has informed his Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy that his nation will provide a small number of long-range...


US: Two models found dead in their LA apartments just two days apart

Two models found dead in their LA luxurious apartments.


US: California sues oil companies, accuses them of downplaying risk of fossil fuels

California is suing major oil companies.


Diego Stolz: US school district agrees to pay $27 million in settlement after teen dies in bullying incident

US teen Diego Stolz's family to receive a $27 million settlement from a Southern California school district.


Jaahnavi Kandula death: Without context, ‘comment could be interpreted as horrifying and crude’, admits Seattle Police officer

An online campaign has started on, demanding the dismissal of Daniel Auderer from the Seattle Police force. The petition got more...


US: Indian student Jaanhvi Kandula, who was killed by speeding cop, to be awarded a degree posthumously

Indian student Jaanhvi Kandula to get her US university degree posthumously


US vs Google: Meet Indian-origin judge Amit Mehta, who will decide on the multi-billion dollar anti-trust case

Google stands accused by the US Department of Justice of spending USD10 billion a year to get its search engine pre-installed on devices. By...


US: Probe launched as cop caught on body cam laughing, joking after Indian student dies in accident

Probe launched against Seattle policeman as bodycam finds him guilty of making fun of Indian-origin deceased


Dennis Austin: PowerPoint software co-creator dies at 76

Powerpoint co-creator Dennis Austin dies at 76.


US: 7-yr-old girl discovers rare 2.95-carat golden brown diamond during her visit to a state park on birthday

Girl finds rare diamond during her visit to an American state park on her birthday.


US: New Mexico Governor announces statewide enforcement plan for gun violence

New Mexico Governor declares gun violence as a public health emergency.


Sorry if I embarrassed you and your family and friends: Jimmy Fallon apologises to ‘The Tonight Show’ staffers

The Rolling Stone magazine has come out with a report in which many staffers alleged that The Tonight Show has been a toxic workplace for...


ZEE5 Global clocks 46% increase in watch time for original content in the US

Zee5 Global has also recently reported a 35 per cent Year-on-Year increase in viewership in the US market.


Enrique Tarrio: Ex-Proud Boys leader prisoned for 22 years in US Capitol Riot case

Former national chairman of the Proud Boys Henry “Enrique” Tarrio sentenced to 22 years in prison over US Capitol Riots case


US: Stretch of highway in California named after Indian-origin cop who was killed in 2018

A stretch of highway in the US state of California has been named after a 33-year-old Indian-origin policeman Ronil Singh.


President Joe Biden highlights climate crisis after surveying the USD 20 billion damage done by Hurricane Idalia

US President Joe Biden, who visited Florida with First Lady Jill Biden, met first responders and also assured the affected people on the...


US: Woman arrested for fatally shooting four-year-old girl while trying to demonstrate gun safety

Woman arrested in America for fatally shooting minor girl


Canada warns LGBTQIA+ citizens of risks of travelling to US

Canada has issued a warning to its LGBTQ citizens about travelling to USA.


Indian-American dentist pleads guilty to stealing half-a-million in COVID-19 relief money; faces 10 years in jail

An Indian-American dentist, with his practice in California, has pleaded guilty to stealing USD500,000 in COVID-19 relief money for two...


Vivek Ramaswamy, US presidential candidate, says vice-president to Donald Trump could be “a fine position” for him

Rumours of a joint ticket between the two men in the 2024 race were fanned by the Trump campaign’s praise for Ramaswamy after the first...


US President Joe Biden to visit India in Sept for G20 summit; agenda has climate crisis and Russia-Ukraine war

Announcing the visit, the White House said that President Biden would also commend Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s leadership of the...


Republican candidate Nikki Haley brings calmness to a highly polarised America, say PIO donors and friends

Indian-origin Republican leader Nikki Haley, former Governor of South Carolina and former US Ambassador to the United Nations, is taking...


Donald Trump vows “retribution” tariff on Indian products sold in the US, if voted to power in 2024

Donald Trump wants to slap high taxes on Indian products marketed in America as a tit-for-tat measure against the taxes imposed by India on...


Which team do you think will win IPL 2023?

  • Chennai Super Kings
  • Royal Challengers Bangalore
  • Mumbai Indians
  • Gujarat Titans
  • Kolkata Knight Riders
  • Delhi Capitals
  • Sunrisers Hyderabad
  • Lucknow Super Giants
  • Royal Challengers Bangalore
  • Punjab Kings
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