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News about Hamas rocket attack from Gaza on Israel, killing thousands.

Israel-Gaza crisis: 8 hostages released by Hamas

Hamas releases eight hostages.


Israeli baby, brother, and mother killed in Hamas custody; extremist group tries to blame Israel

A 10-month-old Israeli baby, named Kfir Bibas, who was taken hostage by the Palestinian extremist group Hamas during its October 7 attacks...


Israel-Gaza conflict: 10 Israeli hostages, 4 Thai nationals released from Hamas captivity

Ten more Israeli hostages released Hamas captivity


10-month-old Israeli baby still held hostage by Hamas; India calls for immediate release of all who remain

A 10-month-old Israeli baby, named Kfir, has been held hostage by Hamas for more than 50 days now and his extended family is desperate for...


Israel-Hamas crisis: Gaza doctors ‘terrified’ of deadly disease outbreak

Gaza doctors ‘terrified’ of deadly disease outbreak


Israel-Gaza Crisis: Hamas releases 12 more hostages

Hamas releases 12 more hostages from captivity.


Elon Musk: Billionaire techopreneur meets Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu, visits kibbutz attacked by Hamas

X owner Elon Musk visits Israel.


Israel-Gaza crisis: 11 more hostages released from Hamas captivity

Eleven more hostages released from Hamas captivity


Israel-Hamas conflict: Temporary truce extended by two more days

The temporary truce between Israel and Hamas was extended by two more days.


Gaza: Vital aid reaches north as Hamas-Israel truce enters final day

Vital aid reaches shattered north Gaza amid ongoing Israel-Hamas truce


Gaza conflict: Israel-Hamas discuss possibility of extending temporary truce

Israel-Hamas members discuss possibility of extending ceasefire further.


Gaza will not go back to being a threat to Israel, says Netanyahu as he visits soldiers on the strip

In clear signs of Israeli control over parts of war-ravaged Gaza, PM Benjamin Netanyahu entered the coastal strip to meet Israeli soldiers,...


Hamas didn’t answer your prayers; it answered Israel’s military pressure: Spokesperson scorns Irish PM

Heaping scorn on Leo Varadkar and his prayers, the Israeli spokesperson said: “Without Israel’s military pressure on Hamas, which...


Gaza truce: 9-year-old Emily Hand, thought to be dead, released from Hamas captivity after 50 days

Minor returns from Hamas captivity after 50 days.


Hamas-Israel truce: UN confirms more aid entering Gaza

UN confirms more aid entering Gaza amid ongoing temporary truce between Israel and Hamas.


Gaza Truce: 13 Israeli, 4 Thai citizens released by Hamas

Hamas frees more hostages amid the ongoing Israel-Hamas ceasefire.


Hamas-Israel treaty: 14 hostages expected to be released today

Fourteen hostages might be freed today on the second day of Israel-Hamas truce.


Israel-Hamas truce: 24 hostages released on first day

Twenty-four hostages released on first day of Israel-Hamas truce


Israel-Hamas begin four-day truce

Israel-Hamas begin a four-day pause in fighting after more than a month of conflict.


Palestinian death toll in Gaza touches 14,532 amid reports that there will be no ceasefire before Friday

The Palestinian death toll in the Gaza Strip has risen to 14,532 since the outbreak of the Hamas-Israel conflict on October 7.


Top Israeli official says hostage release will not take place before Friday

Top Israeli official says Gaza hostages will not be release before Friday


Israel-Hamas conflict: Actress Melissa Barrera removed from Scream movie sequel over social media posts

Melissa Barrera removed from Scream movie over social media posts on Israel-Hamas conflict


Israel Cabinet says yes to temporary ceasefire deal with Hamas, 50 hostages to be released

50 hostages are expected to be released after Israeli government okays temporary ceasefire deal with Hamas


IDF claims Hamas using mosque in Gaza city for storing weapons, releases video

IDF releases video claiming Hamas members used mosque in Gaza to store weapons.


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