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Singapore population shrinks to 5.45 million; lowest since 1970

According to the latest census data, Singapore's total population shrank by 4.1 per cent to 5.45 million in June 2021, largely due to a fall...


Singapore world's 17th most expensive location for expats: Survey

Singapore has emerged as the 17th most expensive location across the world for expatriates, with the average pay package for a mid-level...

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10 popular Indian grocery stores in Singapore

Taking the time out to explore and find these Indian grocery stores near you. So, here is a compiled list of 10 popular Indian grocery,...


5 busiest Bollywood bars and clubs in Singapore

Most popular Bollywood bars and clubs in Singapore frequented by Bollywood lovers of all ages and ethnicities.


5 unique vegetarian restaurants in Singapore

Singapore touts itself as a food haven, and when it comes to vegetarian food, you will be spoilt for choice.


5 amazing halal restaurants around central area with incredible food

Cafe-hopping is a big thing among the young people in Singapore, and it's a headache situation when cafes are not halal because of the...


One stop search for Indian schools in Singapore

Whether it is a recent relocation to the republic or having your kids growing and choosing the best school to cater to their preferences,...


Five schools for music and performing arts in Singapore

Singapore news: Choosing the right schools for a singing career in Singapore (music) and performing arts institutes is never an easy choice.


Secular state, multi-religious society

Singapore is often seen as a secular state, because it has no state religion. However, the society is far from secular – there are ten...


Eat, Pray and live like an Indian in Singapore: where to find spices and more?

New to Singapore: Buy Indian vegetables, spices or masalas, clothes, and puja material from Mustafa centre, Little India.


Selecting the right school in Singapore by Jonathan Carter

Selecting the right school in Singapore. It is a truth, not always acknowledged, that all schools, for-profit or otherwise, are in the...


Live like Undivided family: How do you get your family to Singapore?

An EP holder can live with his family in Singapore by applying for Dependent Pass or DP for a spouse and children who are under 21 years old...


At the crossroads – iPSLE or AEIS?

Singapore News: There are a number of factors that go into being placed in a Singapore Education system for International students.


Life beyond Swimming: New Aqua Sports you should try in Singapore

Swimming and aqua sport in Singapore- Here is a basic guide to aquaspin classes, aqua-fitness, water aerobics and even water running. And...

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Singapore; Sunny, with every chance of rainfall

Singapore season, weather, and climate: When in Singapore, get ready for rain and shine, all in good measure. Yet, the wet tropical wet...


Singapore: No excuses for not working out country

Healthy Lifestyle in Singapore is easy and convenient due to the wide proliferation of gyms. Not only they are well-maintained and...

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Bye, bye condo, hullo nature! Eight top parks and gardens you can explore in Singapore

For an adventurous weekend in Singapore, or if you want to simply breathe fresh air or jog, escape to any of these parks and gardens in...


Getting a cable connection in Singapore

In Singapore, Cable connection is provided by private service providers like Starhub and SingTel. hey are easy to install, efficient and...


Schooling in Singapore – research well before you choose

International schools in Singapore are amongst the best in the world. Known for their well-structured curriculum. Indians moving to...