Singapore's DASTAK plays in Mumbai’s Kala Ghoda Arts Festival

Singapore’s first Hindi Theatre festival DASTAK is set to travel to India. The troupe will be performing five of its Hindi short plays at Kala Ghoda Arts Festival in Mumbai on February 11.

Directors of the DASTAK plays stand for a picture.
Directors of the DASTAK plays stand for a picture. Photo courtesy: Facebook @Dastak A festival of Hindi Theatre

Launched in Singapore in 2016, the DASTAK theatre performance brings to life stories in folktale style via different art forms such as dance, acting and music in a series of ten-minute skits. The two editions held so far have garnered critical praise as well as a growing audience in the Lion City.

At the 20th edition of Kala Ghoda, DASTAK will perform five of its popular plays.

Director Rishi Budhrani during a rehearsal of 'Ardh Satya'.
Director Rishi Budhrani during a rehearsal of 'Ardh Satya'. Photo courtesy: DASTAK

Ardh Satya - Directed by the first Singaporean to win Hong Kong’s Comedy Competition, Rishi Budhrani tells a story about a couple’s married lives and their relationship, and how it all changes one fine night. He is also the first Singaporean to perform at Gotham Comedy Club and The Comic Strip LIVE! in the US.

Shalaka Ranadive
Director Shalaka Ranadive. Photo courtesy: DASTAK

Dhundh - Directed by an accomplished theatre, TV and film actor with over 20 years of experience, Shalaka Ranadive narrates a heart-warming story of a family where the father is suffering from Alzheimer disease.

Director of 'Kerejwa' Sharul Channa.
Director of 'Kerejwa' Sharul Channa. Photo courtesy: Youtube

Kerejwa - Directed by the first-ever female stand-up comedian in Singapore Sharul Channa, Kerejwa is a comedy about the world coming to an end but all the protagonist Pintu can think of is his favourite sweet ‘gulab jamun’.

Director Rahul Phondke (middle) with the cast of 'Love at First Sight' during a rehearsal.
Director Rahul Phondke (middle) with the cast of 'Love at First Sight' during a rehearsal. Photo courtesy: DASTAK

Love at First Sight - An adaption of a Ruskin Bond short story, the play revolves around a blind man’s quest for true love. The play is directed by Rahul Phondke who also acts in the Ghaat amateur theatre in Singapore.

The cast of The Pizza Delivery Boy during rehearsals.
The cast of 'The Pizza Delivery Boy' during a rehearsal. Photo courtesy: DASTAK

The Pizza Delivery Boy - A suspense story, directed by Nur Khairiyah, depicts a story when a seemingly normal Pizza Delivery boy changes a customer’s life forever.

DASTAK also performed 10 Hindi short plays back-to-back from November 16 to 19, 2017 in Singapore at the Black Box Theatre, Goodman Arts Centre.

Kala Ghoda, the nine-day long art festival, plays an ode to art and artists every year. It celebrates with a riot of cultural events and activities such as theatre, music, dance, food, workshops, and more.

The entry is free of cost. You can mark your calendar for February 11 from 5:30 to 6:30 pm at MC Ghia Hall, Mumbai.

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