Singapore to start new safe riding course for PMD users

To propagate safe riding practices among Personal Mobility Device (PMD) users, Land Transport Authority is organising a 90-minute course for Singaporeans. This course will be available from July.

People got the first glimpse of the safety programme recently, which involves more scenario-based learning.

A new course for propagating safe riding practices among PMD users will start in July.
A new course for propagating safe riding practices among PMD users will start in July. Photo courtesy: Shape Singapore

PMD users evinced keen interest in the programme and learned about the safety aspects. In the programme, simulated bus stops and zebra crossings have been added to teach the participants about the need to ride at slow speeds, give way to pedestrians and dismount wherever necessary.

Various types of PMD devices available in the market were shown to the people. They were told to have pre-ride checks on the devices. They were further introduced to type of paths different devices are allowed on, the range of signs and the general rules and code of conduct.

Participants were also encouraged to build up their skills and confidence in handling their devices at various speeds and in various situations.

Tan Li Yen, LTA deputy director (Active Mobility Unit) while detailing about the programme, said, “The officers want to encourage Singaporeans to adopt active mobility in a safe manner. That’s why we came up with this safe riders programme, to teach them about the types of (infrastructure) we have, the different signage — what they mean, the potential places you get into conflict with pedestrians (and) how you behave. Further, the programme also users about the new active mobility rules and the code of conduct so that they’ll be able to ride safely.”

It is pertinent to mention that Active Mobility Act was passed in January to regulate the use of electric bicycles and PMDs. It will impose penalties for offences such as riding e-bikes or PMDs on pedestrian-only paths.

The programme will be available at selected community centres, schools and worker dormitories from July.

Ashraf Jamal
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