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C to I News Desk July 19th 2022

Offer Price S$3.00: MTR Mango Sliced Pickle

MTR Mango Sliced Pickle, 300g bottle

Offer Price S$23.99: Haflong tea bags

Haflong Tea A Touch of Green - Song of the Sea Green Tea Bags. Organic Handcrafted Herbal Collection, Low Caffeine Level, Bio Degradable -...

Offer Price S$43.88: BPA FREE water bottle

DEARART 2200ml Water bottle with straw, Half gallon and water bottle with time marker, BPA FREE, 100% leakproof, little mouth Style.

Offer Price S$12.90: Nature's Superfoods Organic Breakfast Cereals

Nature's Superfoods Organic Breakfast Cereals: Purple Corn-Quinoa-Mulberries Cereal Mix, 290g


In your opinion, which side should India support in the Ukraine crisis?

  • Ukraine
  • Russia
  • NATO
  • Remain Neutral
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