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England’s win shows what matters is impact not intent

India’s loss in the battle of the blues yesterday came as a shock to many, not least the squad themselves. The end of their winning streak...

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Fed rate action could boost India Modi euphoria

The euphoria in Indian stock markets after the recent reelection of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s National Democratic Alliance could find...


Jaishankar: Modi banks on diplomatic experience over politics

When India’s “supermom” Sushma Swaraj excused herself from contesting general elections and even a second term as the external affairs...


First decisive step taken to tackle Indian education woes

The rise in nationalism globally has meant more foreign governments are tightening the immigrant visa process adding to the ongoing...

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More action expected in Modi's second term

The resounding victory of the incumbent Bharatiya Janata Party-led alliance in India’s general elections is a welcome sign of stability in...

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Real Casino Websites That Offer Real Money

The online casino fever has entered the Indian territory too which is why we now see many traditional casino games on the Internet that you...


6 Ways to Earn Money While Traveling

India is easily one of the best countries in the world for tourism. From the snowcapped Himalayas to dense and lush forests of Kerala, it...


Starting a Family? Here's How ULIPs Can Help

When you plan to start a family, one of the major and daunting concerns is about finances. Starting a new family requires a lot of thinking...


India's democracy is underrated: Here is why?

The data is simply staggering: 8,251 candidates from 464 parties wooing 900 Million voters (83 million first-time voters) for 545 seats in...

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NRIs – Know the Score Before Buying a Property in India

Whether the real estate market remains bullish or bearish, NRIs prefer a place back in India - not just for investment returns but also to...


The NRI Guide to Voting in 2019

There are an estimated 31 million Non-Resident Indians (NRIs). With roughly half of them eligible to vote in India, and at a median...

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Indo-Pacific: One Region, Many Visions?

As a framework, the Indo-Pacific seeks to create a connected multipolar Asia that must be governed by commonly agreed international norms,...


Creating an Online Singaporean Business from the Ground Up: Tips and Tricks

Singapore has quickly come to represent an economic powerhouse in recent years. Due in no small part to a burgeoning economy as well as...


Singapore NRI's PBD yatra: great hospitality steeped in Indian tradition

My plan to attend the Pravasi Bharatiya Divas (PBD) Convention came by due to my love for travel and seeing new places. The programme of...

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Will the EVMs decide the elections of 2019?

An Indian Cyber expert identified as Syed Suja, recently told a press conference in London addressing via Skype that 2014 General election...

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Six Investment Plans in India You Can Benefit From as an NRI

NRIs need to keep a close eye on the best possible investment opportunities synonymous to the Indian contingent as the savings rate out here...

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The Monk who used his IIT degree for Environmental Transformation

“When you are in the field of spirituality, you think you can advise anyone on any topic. We listened to experts in hydrogeological survey...

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E-Waste: A Big Problem Needing Bigger Solutions

E-Waste is a big problem that only keeps getting bigger. Why is it such a big problem and what can we do to reduce it? Here’s what you...


Idea of India: More than a nation!

Independence Day is akin to birthdays and anniversaries and commemorates a significant occasion. But time is a fickle friend. Over the...

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Firefighting from the Top: Former Chairman of SBI Arundhati Bhattacharya

Last week, I had the honour of being invited by the Jadavpur University Alumni Association Singapore to a Fireside Chat in NTU One North...

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The elephant in the room; India's relations with South Asia

To say that India’s relationship with its neighbours has never been fraught with tension, would be an understatement. While India has been...

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Unusual ingredients that can give your diet a nutritional boost

Over the past few decades, India has made gigantic strides in terms of health, so much so that the average life expectancy has crossed the...


Unleash the spark in you

Ketki Acharya recounts her experiences during Unleash, the global innovation lab that came to Singapore this year. Established in 2018, the...

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Trump’s immigration policy puts careers of wives of H-1B visa holders in jeopardy

As part of a crackdown on H-1B visas issued for skilled workers to enter the United States, expected in June, would mean that thousands of...


How Can India Overcome an Impending Mental Health Epidemic?

Despite the recent attention and increasing prevalence of mental health issues such as depression and anxiety, India continues to struggle....

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