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Trump’s immigration policy puts careers of wives of H-1B visa holders in jeopardy

As part of a crackdown on H-1B visas issued for skilled workers to enter the United States, expected in June, would mean that thousands of...


Have gambling movies made an impact on Bollywood?

Gambling is one of the favourite topics of movie producers all over the world, and Bollywood is no exception. The fast-paced action of...


India Union Budget 2018: What’s in it for NRIs?

The Indian Finance Minister, Mr. Arun Jaitley, unveiled the current government’s last full budget on February 1, 2018, before the general...

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Indian Supreme Court's calls for Bitcoin regulation may have ripple effect for cryptocurrency policy

Cryptocurrencies are becoming more widely accepted and used worldwide even to the point of being used alongside local currencies. Can the...


Some healthy diet choices can help with the problem of malnutrition among the elderly

The issue of malnutrition is one that can be found in many countries across the globe, whether they are developing nations like India or a...

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Stop focusing on the girl child, it’s the boys who need attention

I heard celebrated writer Chetan Bhagat, an IIT and IIM alumnus and ergo a shining example of a gentlemanly achiever in modern India, say...


Here’s how Ram Nath Kovind became President of India

Former Bihar governor Ram Nath Kovind is set to become India's 14th President and the first member of the right wing Hindu organisation...

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Indian Presidential election 2017: All you need to know

As lawmakers vote to elect the 14th President of India today, experts say the result is almost a foregone conclusion given the dominance of...


Trump’s ‘America first’ policy, curbing H-1B visa has changed minds of aspirants from India

The first six months of the term of Donald Trump, the 45th President of the United States, have been highly eventful. From a stunning...


This is what a hung parliament means

The 2017 general election exit poll, reality is unfolding along the same lines, suggest that no party is on course to secure a majority....


Kulbhushan Jadhav case: Pakistan dropped the ball, India needs to pick it up

Yesterday afternoon, the International Court of Justice (ICJ) at the Hague ordered provisional measures in the India-Pakistan Kulbhushan...


The NRI between Arrival & Departure

One of the commonest NRI complaints is that with every return trip to India, the country is looking more and more different, not necessarily...


Top amendments proposed in budget 2017-18 which impact you as a NRI

The rate of income tax is proposed to be reduced to 5% (from 10%) for income between INR 2.5 to INR 5 lakhs. This is likely to bring tax...

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Is demonetisation PM Modi's Waterloo or Marengo?

Couple of years back, I was having a conversation with a Managing Director of a leading nationalised Bank in India. The conversation centred...


(Facing the) Demons of Demonetisation

As I was preparing for my first trip to India post demonetisation, I was aware that what I needed most importantly for my travels, other...


South Indian states projected to become US $1,200 billion economy by 2020


TPP is off the table: What's at stake and where's hope?

The 12-nation free trade agreement was an ambitious attempt to promote trade on a mega-scale.


Singapore SMEs – Fiscal measures to accelerate growth

The growth of Singapore SMEs is crucial for the overall economic growth. Abhijit Ghosh and Gaurav Tijoriwalla of PwC have suggested fiscal...


Can Kamala Harris become the first Indian-American US President?

Kamala Harris has become the first Indian-American to make it to the august Senate in Washington DC and it may be quite a journey to the...


In America's dirty election, Trump, like Modi, gets the underdog advantage

There is a striking resemblance between Trump's surge and Modi's surge - a common suspicion of the wicked ways of the Establishment.


Bad loans remain a concern for India despite all-round reforms

Much to the surprise of the government, international credit ratings agency Standard & Poor this month kept India's credit rating unchanged...


Desi vs desi vs desi: Why US Indians are now electorally splintered

As US heads to elect a new president this week in what is arguably the most bitterly fought elections in recent memory, the situation is no...