Preeti Rana: Spreading India's Dharmic culture through art

Preeti Rana's paintings are a reflection of her thoughts and emotions, and can take several weeks to a month to complete. She has showcased her art in exhibitions around the world, most recently in London and Edinburgh and has a show coming up in New Delhi.

The opening ceremony will be held on January 5 at 6:30 pm.
The opening ceremony will be held on January 5 at 6:30 pm. Photo courtesy: Brhat

"I hope these paintings connect us, reflect our shared context that India provides with her vast dharmic cultural heritage," Preeti Rana said, speaking about her work.

The latest exhibition of her work is being held at the India International Centre Annexe Art Gallery in New Delhi from January 6-12, in partnership with Brhat, a cultural research organisation. The exhibition will also feature music and daily interactive sessions with guest speakers.

The opening ceremony will be held on January 5 at 6:30 pm.

The show is titled 'An exhibition of paintings by Preeti Rana to explore why Art Matters'. Paintings in ink, music and daily interactive sessions with guest speakers are also planned. The exhibition will be inaugurated by Ambassador Dr Mohan Kumar, Dean/Professor, Jindal Global University; Former Indian Ambassador to France and Bahrain. 

After living for 22 years in Bahrain, Preeti has relocated to India. An architect by training, she is also a poet as well as an artist. Each painting of hers takes from a few weeks to a month from the start of thought to the last stroke of the brush. Her husband is also an architect and they have two children.

Her work was recently on display at the Nehru Cultural Centre in London in May 2022.

"I spent a long time looking at your talent and your deep devotion to our culture. I was especially moved by the paintings that showed Lord Shiva and His various forms. You genuinely have the blessings of the Mahadev, bestselling author Amish Tripathi and Minister (Culture), Indian High Commission, UK and Director, Nehru Centre, London, said about the event.

After living for 22 years in Bahrain, Preeti has relocated to India.
After living for 22 years in Bahrain, Preeti has relocated to India. Photo courtesy: Preeti Rana

The upcoming show is a way for Preeti to highlight Indian culture and showcase her philosophy through art.

"Our vision of culture compatible public policy rests on aesthetic refinement through classical arts. We hope to be a campfire for creative artists working on rejuvenating civilisational consciousness," Brhat said in a statement.

Preeti uses bleach on black ink to draw out beautiful golden, sepia and tan hues that give her work a striking appeal. The background of her subject is often splashed with text, remarkable detail and architecture.

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