Five things to do over the weekend of February 17-18

We covered some activities you can do over the Chinese New Year holidays in a previous article. Here are some additional ones happening over February 17-18 for the restless ones ;) 

Head to Esplanade for performances by talents musicians and migrant workers, or spend a relaxing afternoon in the Asian Civilisations Museum. If you're craving for some night life, Dash Berlin will be playing at Zouk on Saturday! 

1. Sheer Nas

Photo courtesy: Esplanade
Photo courtesy: Esplanade

Sheer-Nas and Friends (SNF) are Nasir Ebrahim, brothers Sheer and Shabiri Angullia, and Abdul Aleem.

These Singapore musicians fuses eastern and western elements to create a euphoric blend of pop music. Mixing English with Hindi, their act will please your ears and captivate your heart.

In this gig, they will also perform classics from Tamil and Hindi films.

When: Feb 17
Where: Esplanade Outdoor Theatre
Entry: Free

2. New Year in a foreign land

Photo courtesy: Esplanade
Photo courtesy: Esplanade

Does the arrival of the new year bring different sentiments in a foreign land?

Through poetry, music and stories, migrant workers in Singapore explore what the new year means to them. Featuring performances in multiple languages across genres, this programme showcases the talents of accomplished performers from the migrant community.  

These performers are a group of migrant workers from countries such as Bangladesh, the Philippines, Indonesia, India, China and more, who work largely as domestic helpers or as construction or marine workers.

When: Feb 18
Where: Esplanade Concourse
Entry: Free

3. Asian Civilisations Museum

Photo courtesy: ACM
Photo courtesy: ACM

Learn more about the history of Singapore within the geopolitical context! The Asian Civilisations Museum is devoted to exploring the rich artistic heritage of Asia, especially the ancestral cultures of Singaporeans. 

It'll be a beautiful way to spend the afternoon. 

When: Feb 17-18
Where: Asian Civilisations Museum
Entry: S$2-8

4. Healing Chromosomes by Hiromi Tango

Photo courtesy: Sullivan+Strumpf & Hiromi Tango
Photo courtesy: Sullivan+Strumpf & Hiromi Tango

What is it to be a human? How do we choose to relate? Are our engagements deeply meaningful? Can we heal ourselves – soul, spirit, mind, brain and body – our past, present and future. If so, how? Can trauma – deeply embedded within – be cured through engagements with arts? 

Over the past decade, Hiromi Tango has been dedicated to generating a healing conversation through arts engagement. What is this notion of Healing? 

Chromosomes explore issues around nature versus nurture, and whether we really do have the ability to change the complex characteristics that define us as individuals. 

When: Feb 17-18
Where: Gillman Barracks 
Entry: Free

5. Dash Berlin at Zouk

Photo courtesy: Dash Berlin FB
Photo courtesy: Dash Berlin FB

Dutch DJ-producer Dash Berlin is back in Singapore for another electrifying set.

Look forward to a night of melodic trance chords with signature hits and remixes that will have you so enthralled in dance and emotion, you’ll be chanting, or likely even screaming for the dream to play on.

When: Feb 17
Where: Zouk
Entry: S$60

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