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AXS new service to make life easier for condo residents

AXS new service will enable condominium residents to pay their management fees through the payment provider.

The service called AXS pay, which is starting this month, will benefit more than 30,000 residents for more than 100 properties initially.

The service called AXS pay will benefit more than 30,000 residents for more than 100 properties initially.

While talking about the new services, Joey Chang, Chief Executive Officer of AXS said, “AXS Pay is the continued effort of AXS to extend more services that promote cashless transactions, catering to various businesses that may not have the economies of scale to embark on such activities. This will also help consumers, in this case, the residents of the condominium and apartments, to consolidate their payment needs.”

How to use
The service is developed with DBS to support small and medium enterprises in making their electronic payments over AXS channels - online, via its mobile app or at the AXS stations. People who wish to use this service can go to ‘Pay Others’ followed by ‘Condo/Bldg(MCST).’

For Condo managements
Members of the condo managements can check the whether their condominiums are on the AXS list by entering the Management Corporation Strata (MCST) number and Postal Code on the AXS channels. However, AXS plans to add more condos to the list in the coming months.

Future plans
AXS plans to grow and eventually include home services like gas delivery, air-con servicing, as well as other services such as home tuition and enrichment classes to its list of services.

Deepti Kaul
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