Knowing your mobile plan options in Singapore

In a 2016 report from internet firm OpenSignal, Singapore was voted as having the fastest mobile data speeds in the world. The island’s telecommunications spans the entire city-state – which means that wherever you go you will definitely be able to enjoy your cat videos. The wide coverage, ease of use and fast speed are definitely hard to beat.

Telecommunications Tower. Photo courtesy:
Telecommunications Tower. Photo courtesy:

As of now, there are three options when it comes to mobile plans: Singtel, M1, and Starhub. Australian-based telco TPG Telecom just won the bid to be the fourth telco in Singapore, and spectrum rights are expected to commence on April 1, 2017 at the earliest. 

Most phone plans would include a mobile phone, which is either free or heavily subsidised, depending on the plan and the phone model you want. The phone plans come with a 24-month contract, but you can usually re-contract after 21 months. Some plans might have slight variations, so do check with your telco beforehand!

Photo courtesy:
Photo courtesy:

If you break the contract, you have to pay a penalty fee, which is based on the number of months remaining. For instance, if the mobile plan costs $50 a month, and you break the contract with five months remaining, your penalty fee would amount to $250. Other administrative charges may apply.

For postpaid mobile plans, there is a one-time registration fee of $10.70 and SIM card fee of $37.45 for applying a new mobile line or additional supplementary line. Excess local data usage is usually charged at the rate of about $10.70/GB, though different telcos have different ways of breaking it down.

The telcos also offer SIM-only plans, if you are not looking into getting a new mobile phone at the same time. There are slight variations in prices, but the packages offered by the three telcos are pretty similar, and hence quite competitive. 

Below are your three current mobile plan options for easy comparison:


Singtel postpaid plans. Photo courtesy: Singtel
Singtel postpaid plans. Photo courtesy: Singtel


Starhub postpaid plans. Photo courtesy: Starhub
Starhub postpaid plans. Photo courtesy: Starhub


M1 postpaid plans. Photo courtesy: M1
M1 postpaid plans. Photo courtesy: M1
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