5 minutes at 5 O’clock: India applauds those on the frontline of the COVID-19 battle

Millions of Indians answered Prime Minister Modi’s call and applauded in sync, to express their gratitude to the real heroes who are on the frontline of the battle against the novel coronavirus. 

Following his request to Indians to go on a voluntary ‘Janata Curfew’ from 7 am to 9pm today, PM Modi had also urged citizens to offer a tribute to healthcare workers, security personnel, government servants, sanitation workers, transport workers and essential service providers. 

As soon as the clock struck 5, Indians from all walks of life came out to their windows and balconies to salute their fellow countrymen by blowing conch shells, ringing bells, beating vessels, whistling, cheering and clapping in unison.  

Here are some glimpses of the celebratory experience. 

Member of Parliament Ravishankar Prasad

Staff at Delhi airport 


A magical moment that reverberated through millions in the nation as well as among Indian diaspora abroad.

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