Concern over rising number of accidents of elderly pedestrians

There is growing concern for the safety of elderly pedestrians in Singapore as there has been a rise of about 20 per cent in the number of accidents involving elderly people as per the latest statistics released by the Traffic Police. However, measures are being taken to create awareness among the elderly pedestrians so that they adhere to the traffic rules.

According to the figures released, there were 268 accidents of elderly pedestrians aged above 60 in 2016 which was about 19.6 per cent higher from the figures in 2015.

Elderly people in Singapore
A unique ‘Road master test kit’ has been designed for the elderly people which guides them about the traffic rules. Photo courtesy: asian scientist

Sam Tee, TP Commander, Senior Assistant Commissioner of Police said, “As our society is ageing, TP is very concerned about the number of elderly getting hurt on the road. This year, we will be very aggressive in reaching out to the elderly, educating and reminding them to adopt good road sense and habits.”

A unique ‘Road master test kit’ has been designed for the elderly people which guides them about the traffic rules. It is available in English and three vernacular languages. Senior people can assess their eyesight, hearing and reaction time through this kit. About 1,058 senior people have already received these kits.

Elderly people can also redeem these kits using their concession EZ-link cards at bright yellow dispensers placed at bus stops around Outram, Bishan and Serangoon — neighbourhoods with a high concentration of accidents involving elderly.

In addition to this, signages are also being put up in areas with a higher population of elderly people.

Further, more silver zones are being created in Singapore where there are speed limits of 40kmh and two-stage crossings for helping elderly pedestrians. By 2019, there will be 25 such zones, which also include speed humps, centre dividers and specially painted markings to guide the elderly.The number will double to 50 in 2023.

Ashraf Jamal
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