SCDF conducts high-rise fire exercise to create awareness among people

To create awareness among the public to remain alert during fire in sky rocketing buildings, Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) conducted a high-rise fire exercise at One Marina Boulevard. They also updated about the exercise through several posts on Facebook.

Firefighters equipped with thermal imagers. SCDF Facebook
Firefighters equipped with thermal imagers to locate source of fire. Photo courtesy: SCDF Facebook

The operation started with the sounding of the fire alarm at about 5:00 am. The whole SCDF galvanised into action. Initially, staff from the building’s Fire Command Centre (FCC) immediately dispatch the in-house Company Emergency Response Team (CERT) to investigate the fire. The CERT comprises employees who are trained to respond to emergency incidents within the premises.

Meanwhile, SCDF responders from Marina Bay Fire Station and other supporting fire stations arrive and immediately link up with staff from the FCC to obtain information on the fire. This is a critical first step that must be done before commencing the firefighting and rescue operation.

SCDF responders then set up the Staging Point, one of several control points in an SCDF operation. The Staging Point controls and monitors the movement of responders into and out of the risk area, including the evacuation of casualties.

Breathing appartus worn by fire fighters
Fire fighters wearing breathing apparatus during SCDF operation. Photo courtesy: SCDF Facebook

The fire fighters wearing breathing apparatus and equipped with thermal imagers and water jets then enter the place of fire and evacuate people trapped in fire. The thermal imager enables firefighters to view infrared radiation emitted by heat sources such as fire and human bodies in zero visibility.

Another critical point, the Resource Point, was also set up to consolidate additional manpower and firefighting and rescue equipment.

These high-rise buildings exercises are being organised weekly to familiarise people with the various high-rise premises, as well as to validate operational plans and procedures.

It is also pertinent to mention that a majority of high-rise buildings are located in the Central Business District, which are within the operational boundaries of the Marine Bay and Central Fire Stations.

The whole operation was watched by Home Affairs Minister K Shanmugam.

Ashraf Jamal
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