More than 400,000 people in Singapore have diabetes

Singapore is known as a fitness freak country as people pay special attention to their health and go for regular work-outs. But behind this attractive veil, there is also a reality that silent killer disease diabetes is also effecting Singaporeans. More than 400,000 people in Singapore have diabetes, reveals study. Of this group, one in three does not even know that he or she has the disease.

More than 400,000 people in Singapore are suffering with diabetes.Photo courtesy: healthaim

A study by International Diabetes Federation (IDF) in 2015 revealed that Singapore has the second-highest proportion of diabetics among developed nations. Doctors blame the Western culture that is prevalent in Singapore for this trend. "Singaporeans today are more sedentary and consume diets high in calories, just like the Americans," said Dr Stanley Liew, an endocrinologist at the Raffles Diabetes and Endocrine Centre, while talking to a daily.

In addition to this, there is also the risk of cancer for the people who are suffering with diabetes. While diabetes and cancer are different diseases, studies have shown their close link.

People who have long-term type 2 diabetes (five years or more) have a 50 per cent higher risk of developing pancreatic cancer, said Dr Yong Wei Peng, associate director (research) and senior consultant at National University Cancer Institute, Singapore. However, the cancer can also cause diabetes, which is sometimes an early sign of a tumour in the pancreas, he added.

Regular workout and healthy diet are keys to avoid diabetes. Photo courtesy:wikihealth

About a quarter of pancreatic cancer patients have diabetes at the point of diagnosis and approximately two in five have pre-diabetes (higher than normal blood glucose levels). Besides diabetics, people who smoke, are obese, and have a family history of the cancer or inherited genetic syndromes are at risk of developing pancreatic cancer.

It is therefore necessary that people of Singapore should go for a regular check up to find whether they have diabetes or not and start taking preventive measures.

Ashraf Jamal
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