Start scratching your brains - Mind aMaze is here!

Do you have an appetite for fun and thirst for trivia? If yes, then this one is for you! Mind aMaze quiz is round the corner.

Joy Bhattacharjya with the winning team in 2015. Photo courtesy: Swapna Mitter

After four successful years, Mind aMaze in association with the Pan IIM Alumni Association is coming up with the fifth edition of the quiz to be held on December 3, 2016, at the Global Indian International School, Queenstown Campus, Singapore. "It was an amazing experience. I was stunned by the quality of quizzing on offer and the bonhomie and warmth just made it even more special." says Joy Bhattacharjya, who was the quizmaster of Mind aMaze from 2014 to 2015.
The fan following for Mind aMaze is witnessing a constant growth with more people registering and turning up for the event. The number has grown with every passing year.

Suhrid Devsharma who will be helming the event this year is one of the most prominent quizmasters in Singapore. Suhrid who heads retail for Crocs a multi-faceted personality enjoys writing, reading, and photography, besides being the member of one of the most vibrant quiz groups in the country. In the past, Suhrid has conducted quiz for Pan IIT as well as parents and students of reputed schools in Singapore.

Suhird enjoys writing, reading, and photography.Photo Courtesy: PAN IIM - Mind aMaze

“The Mind aMaze quiz celebrates its 5th edition this December, continuing to ignite a curiosity and quench the thirst for knowledge. There’s no greater privilege for a quizmaster than to be a part of this movement, and I have nothing but gratitude for the opportunity to conduct this year’s event. My job is to ensure the quiz lives up to the standards set by past quizmasters who have been instrumental in making Mind aMaze among the most awaited quizzing events in Singapore,” says Suhrid Devsharma, Regional Retail Operations Director, Asia, Middle East & Africa, Crocs.

One of the most prestigious quizzes in Singapore, Mind aMaze is an initiative by family and friends of passionate quizzer Mayukh Mitter who passed away in August 2011.  Swapna Mitter, wife of Mayukh Mitter, journalist, and partner at Writers Block, says "Growing up in Calcutta, which was and perhaps still is, the Mecca of quizzing in India, I was always fascinated by quizzes - be it the Bournvita quiz contest, Quiz Time, school/college or club quizzes. My late husband was an ace quizzer, having been part of the school team (La Martiniere Boys, Calcutta) that won the Bournvita quiz contest twice. An Alum of IIT Kharagpur and IIM Ahmedabad, Mayukh continued quizzing through his college days and later during his busy corporate life, even conducting quizzes occasionally. After his passing, a group of friends came together to start this annual event, with Samir Soota, a close friend and himself an ace quizzer, helming the first one. "

A little winner happy to get a prize from quizmaster Joy Bhattacharjya.Photo courtesy: Swapna Mitter

While talking about how Swapna and Mayukh's friends started the quiz just from a room to took it a different level, she says, "We did the first two quizzes at the function room of a condo. Gradually the buzz picked up and people started asking me when the next one would be. In 2014, the Pan IIM Alumni stepped in as a partner and we were able to scale the event up to several notches. With tremendous support from friends, the IIM family, and all well-wishers, it's an absolute pleasure to organise this annual event that keeps alive a person's legacy. At some point, I'd like to take Mind aMaze to India, perhaps to Calcutta, which will be apt considering that's where Mayukh came into prominence as a schoolboy quizzer."

Indian Institute of Management (IIM), one of the most prestigious management colleges in India is one of the partners of the quiz. Sanjiv Aiyar, President, Pan IIM Alumni Singapore, quips, “Pan IIM Alumni community is privileged and proud to work with Mayukh Mitter’s family to organise the Mind aMaze series of quiz competitions annually.
Mayukh was a keen quiz enthusiast; most IIM alumni tend to be as well. It is, therefore, apt for us to hold this event in memory of a fellow alumnus. Besides our iconic IIMPACT series, Mind aMaze is the next major initiative by the IIM alumni community. We are looking forward to greater participation beyond the alumni community and scaling this bigger in the years to come.” 

How to participate

There are no eligibility criteria. You can either register on their Facebook page and attend the event or directly go for on spot registration.

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