Seven rainbow food creations to try at the Geylang Serai Bazaar this Ramadan

In the spirit of LGBT month, we are bringing you a colourful curation of food items you need to try at the Geylang Serai Bazaar this Ramadan. We promise this will make you the envy of your Instagram feed! 

This year's night market runs from May 26 to June 25, with over 100 stalls in the line-up.

1. Rainbow Burger (Stall 8)

Photo courtesy: Word
Photo courtesy: Word

Look, even burgers are hopping on the viral food dye trend. Word's rainbow burger has received wonderful reviews from food bloggers. The juicy patty and spicy peanut butter sauce definitely won many hearts!

2. Fairyfloss (Stall 33) 

Photo courtesy: Fairyfloss
Photo courtesy: Fairyfloss

Money can't buy happiness, but it can buy rainbow ice cream puff. Enough said. 

3. Rainbow soft serve (Stalls 130-132)

Photo courtesy: danielfooddiary
Photo courtesy: danielfooddiary

For those who prefer soft serves, fret not. Head to stalls 130-132 for this dreamy cone. 

4. Anchan Tea (Stalls 4, 14, 32, 134) 

Photo courtesy: danielfooddiary
Photo courtesy: danielfooddiary

This psychedelic looking drink is Butterfly Pea Tea, also known as Anchan tea. It's often considered a popular alternative to Thai Milk Tea. The initial colour is actually deep blue, and transforms into a rich violet as you add in lemon juice - wow!

5. Pokerrito Poke Bowl (Stall 48)

Photo courtesy: Pokerrito
Photo courtesy: Pokerrito

For the uninitiated, poke is a raw fish salad that's wildly popular in Hawaii, and it has been all the rage here in Singapore recently.  The word "poke"  (pronounced "pok-kay") means chunk in Hawaiian. 

In Singapore, it's usually made from raw cubes of tuna or salmon marinated with soy sauce and sesame oil and mixed with onion, though the local entrepreneurs have infused some Asian flavours in their menu. 

6. Element Drink (Stall 48)

Photo courtesy: Pokerrito
Photo courtesy: Pokerrito

This is from the same stall as the poke bowl (Pokerrito), and don't the pastel colours remind you of Paddle Pop? Give this brilliant thirst quencher a swirl and it's sure to please your eyes. 

7. Chiobu Milkshake (Stall 32) 

Photo courtesy: danielfooddiary
Photo courtesy: danielfooddiary

Last but not least, the Chiobu Milkshake! The Hokkien phrase "chiobu" means pretty girl. Pretty apt name for this drink, don't you think? 

Kareyst Lin
Kareyst Lin – Senior Correspondent

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