Polar M600 : Smartwatch for Smart People

Winning design is the cynosure of all eyes

Front view Photo courtesy: Polar.com

The design of the M600 watch is eye-catching and its build is hardy. It rocks a comfy and customizable silicone band that pops out for easy cleaning, and IPx8 waterproofing for depth's up to 10-meters means that it will stand up to the rigours of working out — even if that happens to be in the pool.

The 13in Gorilla Glass 3 touchscreen display is crisp, clear and big enough to be able to glance down and monitor the time or your activity status without having to lift your wrist.

Compatibility with both Android and iOS

The smartwatch is compatible with both Andriod and iOS platforms. This is possible with Polar Flow, the M600’s companion app that’s available on both platforms.Once paired, you’ll be able to see data on the M600’s display on everything from the amount of footsteps taken to how much sleep you got, and even quick info on your latest workout — no matter what phone you’re using.

Smartphone with smart functions

An awesome feature about the M600 is the ability to playback music that’s stored on the watch via Bluetooth headphones. You can choose to play music directly on the M600, or control the music from your phone. 4GB of internal storage means tons of songs to get your head nodding on the commute home, or to inspire you to keep pounding the pavement during your morning run.

The M600 also includes Wi-Fi radio which lets you sync data to the Polar Flow website without having to sync to your smartphone.

Sturdy hardware

It gives accurate rate of your heartbeats. The back of the watch has a six LED configuration that gets a much cleaner signal and reduces noise, ensuring maximum accuracy as it keeps track of your heart beat.

Six LED configuration ensures maximum accuracy.
Photo courtesy : Polar watches

Armed with Polar ecosystem of apps and programs

The Polar ecosystem supported on the M600 blows away anything else found on an Android Wear device, adding significant value to anyone looking for a powerful GPS sports watch. The Polar Flow app lets you view the in-depth activity tracking and GPS data on your phone which you can sync to the Polar Flow website.

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