Shah Rukh Khan back in Dubai to shoot promotional #BeMyGuest film sequel

Shah Rukh Khan is currently in Dubai to shoot for a short film for Dubai Tourism. It will be the sequel to the award-winning #BeMyGuest film, with the second phase of the promotional campaign film to be done in collaboration with well-known film director Kabir Khan.

Shah Rukh Khan is seen in his signature romantic pose against the backdrop of a large aquarium
Shah Rukh Khan seen in his signature romantic pose against the backdrop of a large aquarium in Dubai. Photo courtesy: Twitter

A picture has emerged from Dubai wherein the superstar Shah Rukh Khan is seen in his signature romantic pose against the backdrop of a large aquarium and here too, SRK has managed to floor his fans! In fact, he is so charming that one cannot recognise that there are two scuba divers photo-bombing him.

Sharing the picture on Twitter, the Superstar writes, "It was just the fish and me...., till these photo bombers floated in !!

SRK will continue his exciting journey in Dubai in his own inimitable style, as he shines a light on the multidimensional and multicultural character of a bustling metropolis that he considers his second home.

Excited to be back in Dubai, Shah Rukh Khan said, “ I am  happy to be filming the sequel to the hugely successful #BeMyGuest campaign film. The film was done in a creative and different way from how tourism films are usually made, as it was so funny and sweet yet it was still able to showcase Dubai in all its glory.”

He added, “I think it is really nice, I really enjoyed making it and happy we are making another one. I am not an advocate for Dubai because I have done Dubai Tourism films, I genuinely like being in Dubai, I think it’s a really wonderful place, it’s a fantastic city…It has everything for everyone.”

#BeMyGuest is a film produced by Dubai’s Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (Dubai Tourism) to further enhance the emirate’s position as a ‘must-visit’ destination and attract even more tourists from India, a key source market for Dubai’s tourism industry, and around the world.

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Since its launch in December 2016, #BeMyGuest has garnered 45 million views across multiple social media channels as well as 65 million engagements from around the world. #BeMyGuest also reached No.3 on YouTube’s worldwide trending list within 48 hours of its launch, becoming one of the top 10 most viewed videos on the website globally in December.

The film has also won international awards including the Grand Prix at the International Tourism Film Festival, “Tourfilm Riga” held in Latvia and the Diamond Award at ITB Berlin’s “Golden City Gate” tourism awards.


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