Sunil Tolani awarded Hind Rattan for outstanding NRI

Business magnate Sunil Tolani, the founder of Price Organisation, has been awarded the Hind Rattan for his outstanding contributions in the areas of business, entrepreneurship and hospitality.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Photo courtesy: Twitter

At the 36th International Congress of Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) held in New Delhi, the NRI welfare society of India presented the prestigious award to American social entrepreneur.

The prestigious award is given to NRIs who are trailblazers in various fields including business, arts, science and entrepreneurship. Congratulating the awardees, Indian Prime Minister Modi said, “NRIs have been our brand ambassadors for decades. They are showcasing the image of India by culture, tradition, skills and style of life while dwelling in foreign countries. NRIs have now become the strength of an economically and financially powerful India.”

Upon getting the written confirmation Tolani wrote, “I credit my parents for instilling values and teaching me the importance of promoting ethical and kind behaviour. I live by example that greatness is not found in material possessions, power or position, but in goodness, service, good character and humility.”

Tolani firmly believes that the purpose of life is, “becoming the very best versions of ourselves”.

He started his career as a delivery driver with Canara Technologies in the US and then worked his way into the management ranks. He then founded a company in the semiconductor space named Memory Card International.

Sunil Tolani,founder and CEO, Price Organisation.
Sunil Tolani,founder and CEO, Price Organisation. Photo courtesy:

From the successful launch of this company, he bought his first hotel and now owns many hotels all over the country. His aim is to own one outstanding property in each of the fifty states in the country by 2020. He tries to hire the ‘right’ people who will be committed to achieving success in their personal careers while leading the organisation to greater heights as well. Thanks to generous employee incentive structures, his organisation boasts of low employee attrition rates, a key factor which leads to outstanding success.

Another significant part of his personal philosophy is the organisation’s commitment to philanthropy. He encourages employees to be involved in the communities they work in. Following the principles of the Bhagavad Gita, he is personally committed to contributing towards needy causes. This personal commitment also translates into fostering an organisational culture of social responsibility and corporate governance.

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