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Apsaras Arts invites audiences to an intimate game of Parama Padam

In the west, it is known as Snakes and Ladders.

Drawing inspiration from the philosophy of the ancient Indian board game, Apsaras Arts presents ‘Parama Padam – The life’s game of snakes and ladders’.

The solo thematic production features internationally acclaimed Bharatanatyam dance artiste Mohanapriyan Thavarajah. He is also the principal dancer and resident choreographer of Apsaras Arts.

On the Parama Padam game board, there are hundred squares which are illustrated with Snakes and Ladders. A player's progression up the board represented a life journey complicated by virtues (ladders) and vices (snakes).

“Ladders take you up as the good deeds take us towards moksha, while the snakes bring you down as to a cycle of re-births,” said Mohanapriyan.

Apsaras Arts Dance Company is well known for its iconic blockbuster dance productions such as “ANGKOR – An Untold Story” in 2013, and “ANJANEYAM – Hanuman’s Ramayana” in 2017, among others. “But this time, compared to Anjaneyam, Parama Padam is going to be on the other side of the spectrum,” said Aravinth Kumarasamy, Creative and Managing Director of Apsaras Arts.

He explained that while Anjaneyam was about putting up a spectacular performance, Parama Padam is one of intimate theatre. “It is about the audience joining in the journey very closely; because after all, the journey that Parama Padam features, is one that we all need to walk through.”

Watch our interview with Mohanapriyan and Aravinth, who will offer a sneak peek into this exciting production.

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Kareyst Lin
Kareyst Lin – Senior Correspondent

Kareyst has experience in writing about B2B technology for Computerworld Singapore, MIS Asia and CIO Asia; and on government technology for GCIO Asia. Her pet areas are artificial intelligence, Internet of Things and smart cities - these are fueled by her obsession with sci-fi movies and philosophy of mind. An active Yoga practitioner and cat lover, with a background in Indian philosophy, subaltern and diaspora studies.