A Journey Worth Dancing For

Raka Maitra’s story is a story of a passionate, determined, daring artist. As a dancer she had two available clear paths to follow, that of classical dance or contemporary. Raka didn’t want to choose one over the other. She loved both. So, she decided to develop her own discipline, one that moves and speaks without borders. It’s been a long, lonely journey, she says, but it has also been a fulfilling one.

You have a chance to see The Platform, her hour and a half long presentation on 24th and 25th of November at 8pm at the Esplanade Theatre Studio during Kalaa Utsavam this year. Find out more about her own journey, inspirations and associations with the platform in this exclusive interview with Connected To India.


Sunanda Verma
Sunanda Verma – Senior Writer

Sunanda is a writer-journalist. In a previous avatar she worked as a Prime Time and Special shows TV News Producer with Star News (now ABP), Zee News and TV Today Networks. She enjoys deciphering cultural codes across nationalities, age groups and gender. Sunanda celebrates inspiration, and her writings take such stories beyond geographical, cultural, social or religious boundaries. 


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