NRI dies in road accident on his birthday

Pothnak Pradeep, an NRI from Bhongiri in Telangana, was killed in a tragic road accident in North Carolina, USA on his birthday last Sunday.

NRI does in road accident on his birthday
Pothnak Pradeep (left) with his wife Karthika Chanti. Photo courtesy: Facebook

28-year-old Pradeep with his wife Karthika and four other friends were going on a road trip in their car to Sutton, West Virginia from their residence at Greensboro, North Carolina, to celebrate his birthday. His Facebook page contains photos posted by him just before leaving for the road trip. He had updated his status as #CampingTime #LongWeekend #Friends.

The fatal accident happened at around 7 am and Pradeep died on the spot; the others, including his wife, sustained injuries. Pradeep's colleagues from Greensboro called his family back in Bhongiri and informed them about the tragedy.

Pradeep went to the US in 2010, and has been working as an Oracle consultant for a host of companies. He married Karthika Chanti in 2015.

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